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Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Paisleys - Cosmic Mind At Play (1970 us, fabulous beat psych rock, 2003 extra tracks edition)

The Paisleys were formed in Minneapolis, and their sole album was produced by Warren Kendrick, who produced a bunch of other garage rock and psychedelic recordings in Minneapolis in the mid-'60s to early '70s (most notably for the Litter).

The Paisleys actually helped Kendrick build the studio in which Cosmic Mind at Play was recorded, and only a couple of thousand copies were pressed when it was released in 1970

In late 1968, they decided to pack up and move to Canada where they camped around and gigged predominantly in the Vancouver area. Due to fear of being deported back to the U.S. and into the Vietnam draft, Youngerberg left the group. Payton had a nervous breakdown and also left and was replaced by Bob Belknap (drums, vocals).

In 1969, Smith, Timm and Payton moved back to the U.S. and held auditions for a new lead guitarist and found Brad Stodden. They then began recording their sole LP, "Cosmic Minds At Play". Halfway through recording the album, Belknap was replaced by Mike Cornelius (drums, vocals). It's this lineup that recorded the outstanding 'Something's Missing', which is one of their best songs, but ironically never made the LP. Only 2,000 copies of the record were pressed and when it didn't sell well, the band soon split.

1. Cosmic Mind At Play (Richard Timm) - 2:06
2. Rockin’ (Bill Smith) - 1:56
3. Now (Bill Smith, Richard Timm) - 3:07
4. Smokey Windows (Bill Smith) - 1:35
5. Diddley (Bill Smith) - 4:30
6. Wind (Bill Smith) - 5:14
7. Musical Journey (Bill Smith, Richard Timm) -18:38
8. Something’s Missing (Bill Smith, Richard Timm) - 2:55
9. Medley: Comin’ On / City Of Light / Home Again (Brad Stodden, Bill Smith, Richard Timm) - 7:23
10.The Fool With The Jewel (Bill Smith) - 3:19
11.Step Quietly and Quickly (Richard Timm) - 2:08
12.Elf In A Magic Bottle (Rick Youngberg) - 6:06
13.In Dreams (Rick Youngberg) - 6:41

The Paisleys
*Brad Stodden - Vocals, Guitar
*Dick Timm - Bass, Vocals
*Bob Belknap - Drums, Vocals
*Bill Smith - Piano, Vocals
*Mike Cornelius - Drums, Vocals
*Rick Youngberg - Guitar, Vocals

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