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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Madura - Madura (1971 us, fabulous progressive jazz rock, 1st album, 2006 remaster)

Madura was a 1970s rock/fusion band from Chicago, United States. After the break up of Bangor Flying Circus (1969), Alan DeCarlo and Hawk Wolinski formed Madura. Only one personal change was made: drummer Michael Tegza was replaced with one of the best renowned drummers in the world: Ross Salomone. David "Hawk" Wolinski, previous Shadows of Knight member, Alan DeCarlo and Ross Salomone recorded two albums produced by the Chicago producer James William Guercio.

Hawk Wolinski later became a member of Rufus and Chaka Khan, and a successful producer and songwriter. Alan DeCarlo and Ross Salomone both appeared on Chicago keyboard player Robert Lamm's 1975 solo album "Skinny Boy," and Ross Salomone also appeared on albums by Chicago, Air Supply, Gerard, and Hollins & Star. Madura can be seen and heard live on a short concert scene in J.W. Guercio's movie Electra Glide in Blue (1973) playing a part of Free from the devil.

This is also included on the album from the movie. David Wolinski also appears as an actor in the movie, playing the part of "David, the VW bus driver." The band's name "Madura" was inspired by the Meenakshi temple in Madurai

1. Hawk Piano (instrumental)
(David Wolinski) - 1:23
2. Drinking No Wine
(David Wolinski) - 4:18
3. Dreams
(David Wolinski) - 4:24
4. Plain as Day
(David Wolinski) - 5:35
5. My Love is Free
(David Wolinski) - 7:09
6. Free from the Devil
(A.J. DeCarlo) - 2:10
7. My My What a World (A.J. DeCarlo) - 1:01
8. Stimulation (instrumental)
(R.A. Salomone) - 3:56
9. Don't Be Afraid (A.J. DeCarlo) -2:01
(David Wolinski) - 3:49
11.See for Yourself (A.J. DeCarlo) - 5:59
12.I Think I'm Dreaming (A.J. DeCarlo) - 4:23
13.It's a Good Time for Loving
(David Wolinski) - 4:55
(David Wolinski) - 7:45
15.Johnny B. Goode
(Chuck Berry) - 6:02
16.Realization (David Wolinski) - 3:17
17.Man's Rebirth through Childbirth Part I
(David Wolinski) - 2:52
18.Man's Rebirth through Childbirth Part II
(David Wolinski) - 1:12
19.Joy in Old Age by Way of Self Observation
(David Wolinski) - 4:03
20.Talking to Myself (David Wolinski) - 4:53

*David "Hawk" Wolinski - Keyboards, Vocals
*Alan DeCarlo - Guitar, Vocals
*Ross Salomone - Drums, Vocals

Madura II
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