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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hard Meat - Hard Meat / Through A Window (1970-71 uk, awesome acid psych 2002 edition and 2017 korean remaster)

Both great albums from the UK psych/progressive rock band Hard Meat are combined here on one CD. Originally released in 1970 and 1971 the albums are very much in the early '70's UK underground counter cultural rock vein.The first album is a psychy heavy affair with some nice jamming and a great version of Dylan's "Most Likely You Go Your way and I'll Go Mine", whilst the second moves into more experimental areas with the addition of keyboards, flutes and purified guitar passages. Groovy, Trippy with a West Coast aura.

From "Through A Window" Sleeve Notes
“Many changes have developed since the first album and this, the second record, represents the middle of something that we started long ago. Pete Westbrook and Phil Jump joined in on flute and keyboard respectively. The band consists of Mick Dolan on six and twelve string acoustic guitars, six string electric guitar, harmonica and lead vocals; Steve Dolan on acoustic string bass, bass pedals, electric bass, acoustic guitars and vocals; Mick Carless on drums, castanets, congas and assorted loud noises.”

Hard Meat 1970
1. Through A Window - 3:51
2. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - 5:03
3. Space Between - 4:33
4. Time Shows No Face - 3:56
5. Run Shaker Life - 10:16
6. Universal Joint - 3:39
7. Most Likely You Go Your Way I'll Go Mine - 5:03
Through A Window 1971
8. On The Road - 5:56
9. New Day - 5:01
10.Free Wheel - 2:56
11.Smile As You Go Under - 4:11
12.I Want You - 6:57
13.From The Prison - 4:09
14.A Song Of Summer - 5:08
15.Love - 4:59
16.The Ballad Of Marmalade Emma And Teddy Grimes - 2:59

Hard Meat
*Mick Dolan - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Steve Dolan - Electric Bass, String Bass, Vocals
*Mick Carless - Drums, Congas, Percussion and Assorted Loud Noises
*Pete Westbrook - Flute
*Phil Jump - Keyboards
*Ian Whiteman - Piano, Flute (Track 4)
*Bruce Howard - Piano (Track 7)

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