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Friday, May 31, 2013

Chris Youlden - Nowhere Road (1973 uk, fabulous blues rock with funky soul vibes)

Nowhere Road is an underrated album, which is easily explained. Chris Youlden is illustrated with Savoy Brown in the late sixties. But this first solo album goes in a different direction. Youlden are indeed reveals a facet soul / funk at risk of losing its public road, which did not fail to occur. 

It was therefore too soul for some and too blues for others. Yet Nowhere Road is a beautiful piece and deserves to be included in the collections funk worthy of the name.  Our bluesman lost there appears indeed to his best and here his vocal qualities are no longer any doubt. The instrumental part, delicate, jazzy and full of groove is not used and remains perfectly adventures Youlden. 

The overall result goes beyond the specifications announced. This is particularly the last tracks that deserves all the praise, and with In the Wood Street Sounds and especially Wake Up Neighbour, genial way, that alone can motivate and justify the hearing of this album. 

1. Nowhere Road - 4:51
2. One October Day - 2:25
3. Chink Of Sanity - 4:01
4. Crying In The Road - 3:38
5. Mamma Don't You Talk So Loud - 3:13
6. Standing On The Corner - 3:29
7. In The Wood - 4:14
8. Wake Up Neighbour - 2:39
9. Street Sounds - 4:31
10.Time Will Tell - 2:43
11.Pick Up My Dogs - 2:40
All songs written by Chris Youlden

*Chris Youlden – Vocals
*Danny Kirwan – Guitar
*Chris Spedding – Guitar
*Ray Fenwick – Guitar
*Foggy Lyttle – Acoustic Guitar
*Andy Silvester – Bass
*Roy Babbington – Bass
*Bruce Rowland – Drums
*Mike Macnaught – Piano
*Pete Wingfield – Piano
*Sue Glover – Backing Vocals
*Sunny Leslie - Backing Vocals

with Savoy Brown 
1967-68  Shake Down / Getting To The Point
1969-70  Raw Sienna / Looking In

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