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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Fragile - Fragile (1976 holland, stunning melt of hard rockin' funky boogie psych prog rock, 2004 remaster)

Fragile was an obscure band that played a heavy, twin guitar rock. They choose this name as a tribute to the band Yes, who had released an album by the same name. The music of Fragile is not unlike Cargo or Wishbone Ash. The band saw the light around 1972. They recorded an album in 1974 but it was not released until 1976. After the album was released their rehearsal location, including their equipment, was burnt down. This didn't make them stop performing, but eventually they did disband the band due to lack of income. In 2004 their album was released on cd.

1. Sweet Introspect - 5:17
2. Caroline Funk - 3:56
3. Good Evening - 6:49
4. Back On My Feet Again - 5:07
5. Face To Face - 5:04
6. So Sad - 13:01
7. I Wonder - 4:45

*Henk Limaheluw - Guitars
*Ferry Limaheluw - Guitars
*Hank Oraille - Vocals, Percussion
*Chris Limaheluw - Bass
*Ted Tahapary - Drums