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Monday, September 5, 2022

Marc McClure - Songs For Old Ladys And Babys (1972 us, awesome brassy country folk rock, 2016 korean reemaster)

Former member of Joyous Noise, singer songwriter multi instrumentalist Marc McClure, released this solo effort in 1972 with the help of many friends like Ron Elliott (fron The Beau Brummels fame), Dan Levitt, Robin Batteau (Appaloosa,  Batteaux) and Spooner Oldham among others.

McClure delivers haunting and highly complex lyrics with impressive, deep tonal effects. Best cuts "Guitar Boy" a baroque folk shape, "Goodbye Song" a progressive country, "Delinga De Matte!", a blues based tune, "Good Old Days" which has a lot of folk rock flavor. Brass and strings in jazzy and baroque tapestry.  

1. Life Is So Good (Marc McClure) - 3:49
2. Long Walking Down To Misery (Ron Elliott) - 3:27
3. More Than My Guitar (Ron Elliott) - 3:19
4. Sweet Inspiration (Spencer Oldham, Dan Penn) - 3:50
5. Music Box (Marc McClure) - 3:41
6. Look Away (Gary Downey, Ron Elliott, Dan Levitt, Marc McClure) - 3:28
7. Are Ya Comin' (Marc McClure) - 2:56
8. Delinga De Matte! (Ron Elliott) - 2:13
9. Goodbye Song (Marc McClure) - 2:49
10.Cause I Love You (Marc McClure) - 2:12
11.Guitar Boy (Ron Elliott) - 3:06
12.Good Old Days (Marc McClure) - 6:11

*Marc McClure - Lead Vocals, Organ, Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*David Vaught - Bas
*Dennis Dragon - Drums
*John Seiter - Drums
*Chris Darrow - Mandolin
*Spooner Oldham - Piano
*Jim Horn - Tenor Saxophone, Strings, Horns
*Bill Plummer - Bass
*Vince DeRosa - French Horn
*Charles Benton Findley - Trombone
*Robin Batteau - Violin
*Dan Levitt - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
*Ron Elliott - Acoustic Guitar
*Lorna Willard, Marti McCall, Sherlie Matthews - Backing Vocals
*Dick Hyde, Earl Dumler, Lew McCreary, Paul Hubinon - Horns
*Charles Loper, Gareth Nuttycombe, Henry Ferber, James Getzoff - Strings 
*Jerry Kessler, Jesse Ehrlich, Lou Klass, Myer Bello - Strings  
*Sidney Sharp, Tibor Zelig, William Kurasch - Strings 

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