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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Boy Blues - In The Woodland Of Weir (1968 us, awesome acid psych with blues and folk traces, 2012 Kismet extra tracks reissue)

"When we first got started we played more in the Chicago blues bag," Ray explains. "But from there we derived our own form of blues, more electric and much heavier. Also, we would like to see more classical sounds emerge in rock. What's happened so far is that pop people have taken classical sounds and used them on the surface. 

They haven't really gotten into the actual form. In the future you might very well hear a 12-tone scale on a pop record. Although we make use of classical music on our first LP, In The Woodland Of Weir, we plan to go into it even heavier on our second." Regarding recording, Ray says: "The best efforts are not necessarily made by the best groups, but by groups with a good and thorough knowledge of how to use the recording studio and its limitations. One also has to go into the studio thinking of a writer writing a story, or of an artist painting a picture"
Original Press Release, 1968

Formed in Chicago in 1964, The Little Boy Blues soon became local heroes, opening for The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Paul Revere & The Raiders and many others. Having played innumerable live dates and appeared on top TV shows, their sound took a psychedelic turn in 1967. Their sole album – made with a revised line-up and originally released in October 1968 – incorporates jazz, classical and acid rock influences, and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with all their non-album singles sides.

1. Cathedral - 3:25
2. Is Love? - 2:58
3. I'm Hip To You - 4:04
4. Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen - 3:42
5. The Death of Don Quixote - 5:08
6. Jazz is Love - 0:26
7. It's Only You/Echoes of "You" - 2:42
8. Dream Weaver/Seed of Love - 8:20
9. The Fox - 5:34
10.Look At the Sun - 2:22
11.Love For a Day - 2:22
12.I'm Ready - 2:17
13.Little Boy Blues Blues - 2:37
14.I Can Only Give You Everything - 2:32
15.You Don't Love Me - 2:39
16.The Great Train Robbery - 2:39
17.Season of the Witch - 2:42
18.Ain't Too Proud To Beg - 2:32
Tracks 1-10 original album release
Tracks 11-18 bonus tracks

The Little Boy Blues
Album line up (Tracks 1-10)
*Marc Coplon - Vocals
*Ray Lewin - Piano, Organ, Bass,  Flute
*Pete Pollok – Guitar
*Bill Mooney - Drums
Other members
*Lowell Shyette - Lead Vocals, Guitar
*Paul Ostroff - Lead Guitar
*Ray Levin - Bass
*James Boyce - Drums
*Frank Binner - Vocals

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