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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taste - Live Taste (1971 ireland, awesome hard blues rock, 2009 japan SHM)

To many thousands of people, Taste meant hours of enjoyment in small-packed sweaty clubs up and down the country. They meant that three piece group from Ireland, who did what few groups ever do by making the top on merit of their music. Taste meant three brilliant soloists who, together, formed one of the tightest groups around. But above all, they simply meant Taste the magic of whom it was impossible to catch with words.

Take this piece of  "plastic", put it on your player, close your eyes and let your imagination run. This, their third release -and first live album-, is what Taste were all about.

Live Taste' as the title implies was recorded live in Montreux by the technical department of Swiss Radio.  Broonzy and Jackson were heavy influences on Rory's guitar playing and song writing. The LP was released after Rory went solo and was an attempt to ride his coat tails as he was becoming very popular in Europe at this time.

1. Sugar Mama (Traditional) - 8:12
2. Gamblin' Blues (Melvin Jackson) - 6:21
3. I Feel So Good (Part 1) (Big Bill Broonzy) - 3:41
4. I Feel So Good (Part 2) (Big Bill Broonzy) - 3:59
5. Catfish (Traditional) - 10:45
6. Same Old Story (Rory Gallagher) - 5:43

*Rory Gallagher - Guitars, Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica
*Richard McCracken - Bass
*John Wilson - Drums

1970  On The Boards (Japan SHM edition)

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