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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gulliver - Ridin' The Wind (1979 us, slight guitar symphonic rock, Vinyl edition)

L.A. short lived group, formed round 1978 as Galaxy and changed their name to Gulliver. Most well known member of Gulliver was guitarist Joe Weider who has previously being part of  Eric Burdon's Animals and Family among others.

Gulliver's musical directions where a mix of symphonic rock with easygoing guitar parts (electric and acoustic). A single "Wonder of It All"  and their sole LP "Ridin' The Wind" was released in 1979,  they split soon after.

1. Miracle Tonight - 2:21
2. Lovin' a Dream - 3:04
3. Wonder of It All - 3:04
4. Bright Lights - 3:55
5. Ridin' the Wind - 4:58
6. Danger in the Night - 2:52
7. Heartaches and Heartaches - 3:59
8. Wild Bells - 3:34
9. No Living Without You - 3:19
10.See It Comin' - 3:21

*Dana Buck - Bass, Vocals
*David Buck - Drums, Vocals
*David Garron - Bells, Chimes, 12 String, Electric Guitar, Vocals
*John Weider - Guitar, Vocals

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