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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Brenda Patterson - Brenda Patterson (1973 us, spectacular blues swamp rock, 2011 korean remaster)

Brenda Patterson is the self titled album by Brenda Patterson, released in 1973. A rock-roots crossover set, with soul-tinged vocals and a bunch of hard-rocking cover tunes. Ry Cooder, Chris Ethridge and Rusty Young represent the more country side of the studio crew, though this is more of a "rock" record, it certainly deserves mention.

Full of heart-wrenching vocals plus, an amazing version of Paul Simon’s, “Congratulations”, arranged by Jim Dickinson. Roaring version of Etta James’ “Dance With Me Henry”. Pieces of the album may be heard here. Maybe it was because she went from Columbia Records to Playboy Records, the latter being a label associated with the magazine, and a label that came and went rather quickly.

1. Dance With Me Henry (Johnny Otis) - 2:40
2. The Crippled Crow (Donna Weiss) - 2:32
3. Hold An Old Friend`s Hand (Donna Weiss) - 3:33
4. Southern Brown (Ed Simmons, Ronnie Wilkins) - 3:24
5. Hope He`ll Be Happier With Her (Bill Withers) - 4:01
6. Jesus On The Mainline (Traditional) - 3:13
7. End Of The Road (Jerry Lee Lewis) - 2:24
8. I'm Gonna Be Strong (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil) - 2:54
9. Mine All Mine (Harold Beatty) - 3:49
10.Bury Me Down By The River (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb) - 2:55
11.In My Girlish Days (Minnie Douglas) - 3:01
12.Congratulations (Paul Simon) - 3:22

*Brenda Patterson - Vocals
*Arthur Adams - Guitar
*Rick Allen - Piano
*John Barbata - Drums
*Charlie Brent - Piano, Guitar
*Fred Burton - Guitar
*Beau Charles - Guitar, Backing Vocal
*Ry Cooder - Guitar, Mandolin
*Tony Day - Drums
*Jim Dickinson - Piano, Organ, Guitar
*Chris Ethridge - Bass
*Wilton Felder - Bass
*Rafael Garrett - Bass
*Ed Green - Drums
*Paul Humphreys - Drums
*John Kahn - Bass (Tracks 11 And 12), Piano (Track 12)
*Carol Kaye - Bass
*Bruce Kurnow - Harmonica
*Clarence Mcdonald - Piano
*Wayne Perkins - Guitar
*Allyn Robinson - Drums
*Michael Rubini - Piano
*Merl Saunders - Organ (Track 12)
*Louie Shelton - Guitar
*Peter Swaidon - Guitar, Organ
*Bobby Ray Watson - Harmonica, Backing Vocals
*Donna Weiss - Harmonica, Backing Vocals
*Rusty Young - Steel Guitar 
*Chepito Areas - Bongos
*Bobby Bruce - Fiddle
*Martin Fierro - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
*Chuck Findley - Horns
*Warren Gale - Trumpet
*Artie Goleniak - Bass
*Jim Horn - Horns
*James Mingo Lewis - Congas
*J.D. Maness - Steel Guitar
*Gerald Oshita - Alto Saxophone
*Armando Peraza - Guiro, Maracas
*Peter Welker - Flugelhorn
*Ronnie Wilkins - Electric Piano
*Mary Anderson, Katherine Gaines, Mary Ann Watkins, Carolyn Watkins, Mary Elizabeth McCreary - Backing Vocals
*Lee Baker, "Edna", Vanetta Fields, Clydie King, Shirley Matthews, Melissa Mckay, Robbie Montgomery, Jessie Smith, Donna Washburn - Backing Vocals