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Monday, February 4, 2013

David Peel And The Lower East Side - The American Revolution (1970 us, inspired effective with punk attitude, original Vinyl issue)

The politically charged David Peel & the Lower East Side directly contrasted their 1968 acoustic live debut, Have a Marijuana (recorded in New York City's Washington Square Park), with 1970's American Revolution, an amplified studio outing. The real similarity between the two remains Peel's no-holds-barred, in-your-face attitude and staunchly liberal espousing. Once again joining in the festivities are Peel (guitar/vocals), Billy Joe White (guitar/vocals), and Harold C. Black (tambourine/vocals), as well as new instrumentally intensive recruits Tony Bartoli (drums), Herb Bushler (bass), David Horowitz (organ), and Richard Grando (soprano sax). 

Although Peel's earlier effort hinted at the band's proto-punk and garage rock leanings, the aggressive electric bashing that accompanies "Lower East Side," "Hey, Mr. Draft Board," and "Girls, Girls, Girls" allows them to bring that restless spirit to complete fruition. While Peel's work has been considered as little more than a hippie novelty, the sheer range of his topical lyrics is often a direct reflection of the then-current anti-establishment movement. 

His music deals candidly with their attitudes regarding Vietnam ("I Want to Kill You"), the repression of local law enforcement ("Oink, Oink, Oink"), hypocritical drug laws ("Legalize Marijuana"), sex ("Girls, Girls, Girls"), and even more contemplative esoteric concepts ("God"). Peel also takes on other sacred cows; "Pledge of Allegiance" is a parody that not only reaffirms his pro-pot perspective, but could likewise be interpreted as expressing anti-American sentiments. But that would be missing the point entirely, as Peel's anger and sarcasm are both well-founded and rooted in his love for the freedoms that the United States has stood for. 
by Lindsay Planer

1. Lower East Side (White) - 3:14
2. Pledge Of Allegiance - 0:35
3. Legalize Marijuana - 2:52
4. Oink, Oink - 4:30
5. I Want To Get High - 2:27
6. I Want To Kill You - 4:18
7. Girls, Girls, Girls - 3:55
8. Hey, Mr. Draft Board - 3:42
9. God - 2:23
10.Here Comes The Cops (Bonus Track) - 3:15
11.Have A Marijuana (Bonus Track) - 2:27
All songs written and composed by David Peel, except where noted.
Extra tracks 10-11 taken from their 1968 "Have a Marijuana" LP

*Tony Bartoli – Drums
*Harold C. Black – Vocals, Tambourine
*Herb Bushler – Bass Guitar
*Richard Grando – Soprano Saxophone
*David Horowitz – Organ
*David Peel – Vocals, Guitar
*Billy Joe White – Vocals, Guitar

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