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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Blackfoot Sue - Nothing To Hide (1972-73 uk, excellent hard glam rock, 2011 reissue)

Blackfoot Sue are remembered today, if at all, for their one-off UK hit, Standing In The Road, a 1972 no. 4. Helmed by twins Tom and David Farmer, their 'classic' lineup included guitarists Eddie Golga and Alan Jones, all but Jones doubling on keyboards when required. 

They released their only album to appear during their 'lifespan', Nothing to Hide, in 1973, bullishly containing no singles, while featuring a vicious put-down of the then-current glam scene, Glittery Obituary. The album's peak, though, is the ripping The Spring Of '69, a condensed heavy epic on a par with the genre's market leaders. 

"Nothing To Hide" is simply divine. With its incendiary guitar solos, clattering drums & full on anthemic choruses it’s hard to imagine that this album was first issued back in 1973. The track Glittery Obituary is a fine example. As for the bonus tracks. These are mainly the singles & tracks that were never intended as part of the album. The track Summer was decided to be a single by their label at the time due to the success of another moody instrumental track - Albatrossby the legendary Fleetwood Mac. Sadly, Summer didn’t have the same success. 
1. Messiah - 4:59
2. Country Home - 4:19
3. Cry - 3:13
4. My Oh My - 3:05
5. Now We're Three - 2:38
6. The Spring Of '69 - 3:56
7. Glittery Obituary - 3:37
8. On His Own - 3:27
9. Too Soon - 4:40
10.Gypsy Jam - 2:15
11.Standing In The Road - 3:58
12.Celestial Plain - 3:22
13.Sing Don't Speak - 3:41
14.2 B Free - 3:15
15.Summer (From The Season Suite) - 3:13
All compositions by Alan Jones, David Farmer, Eddie Golga, Tom Farmer
Bonus Tracks 11-15 single releases

Blackfoot Sue
*Tom Farmer - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
*Dave Farmer - Drums
*Eddie Golga - Guitar, Keyboards
*Alan Jones - Guitar, Vocals