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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Alias Pink Puzz (1969 us, exceptional psychedelic, country and folk amalgam, Sundazed remaster with extra tracks)

The seismic changes in the musical landscape of the late 1960s influenced the sound of nearly every major pop and rock act, and Paul Revere and the Raiders were no exception. As bassist Keith Allison explains in his new liner notes, the title of Alias Pink Puzz refers to the fact that the Raiders submitted an advance pressing of a new song to a Los Angeles FM rock station under the pseudonym "Pink Puzz" in an effort to sidestep the band's Top 40 pop image. 

The station's management liked the song, but was livid when they learned the truth. Such trickery wasn't necessary for the Raiders to score one of their most memorable hits with the insistent rocker "Let Me!" and one of their most-covered tunes with "Freeborn Man." Despite the psychedelic-sounding pseudonym, Alias Pink Puzz largely features a rootsy, laid-back sound boasting a variety of blues, country and swamp-rock influences, with such titles as "Frankfort Side Street" and "Down in Amsterdam" reflecting the band's overseas touring experiences. The Sundazed edition of Alias Pink Puzz features four alternate/demo versions as bonus tracks.

1. Let Me! - 3:58
2. Thank You - 3:01
3. Frankfort Side Street - 3:00
4. Hey Babro - 2:30
5. Louisiana Redbone (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 2:06
6. Here Comes The Pain (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 3:10
7. The Original Handy Man - 2:28
8. I Need You (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 2:13
9. Down In Amsterdam (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 2:59
10.I Don't Know - 5:29
11.Freeborn Man (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 3:33
12.Let Me! (Single Version) - 2:30
13.Too Much Talk (Demo Version) - 2:25
14.Get Out Of My Mind (Demo Version) - 2:52
15.I Don't Know (Alternate Version) - 6:24
All songs by Mark Lindsay except where indicated.

Paul Revere And The Raiders
*Mark Lindsay - Vocals
*Freddy Weller - Lead Guitar
*Joe Correro, Jr. - Drums
*Keith Allison - Bass
*Paul Revere - Organ

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