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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Blue Jug - Blue Jug Band (1978 us, fine southern country rock, 2012 korean remaster)

Three years after their debut, Blue Jug released their second album titled Blue Jug Band. Harsh reality stories, common people's ordinary days. 

The first song on the album is "Memories Are Hard To Come By". Intro with  good acoustic guitar, following by vocals and electric guitars,  "Like A Fool" a piano ballad,  with twin-guitar increasing the beat which is built around Southern Rock, applying some great feeling.

"Kentucky Man" with earthy feeling and the rhythm section bringing comfortable passages. "Cajun Lady" with the addition of Rufus Thibodeaux 's fiddle. "Shotgun Rider" has a nice sticky guitar, scaggs are a stone's throw. "Tequila Waltz" is a wailling ballad.

"Conchita" has a nice intro acoustic guitar, a pop tune, but the entanglement of the guitar leaves a good taste. The guitar intro of "Taste Of The Country" is cool, but when vocals is added, immediately becomes a rustic flavor,  the fiddle is also effective. "Child Abuse" has a nice slide guitar . The last track is a ballad called “The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again”.

Blue Jug were successful and toured with most of the big names in the Southern Rock scene of the time, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and Charlie Daniels Band. In Ed Raetzloff 1980 released a Christian solo album "It took a long time to get to you". One can confidently classify the album under Southern Rock. A year later his second album "Drivin Wheels" was released for the CCM market. Then Ed Raetzloff went into hiding and left nothing to be heard, but left two great albums for the Christian market.

1. Memories Are Hard To Come By - 4:04
2. Like A Fool - 3:39
3. Lodi - 3:15
4. Kentucky Man - 2:29
5. Cajun Lady - 3:34
6. Shotgun Rider - 4:04
7. Tequila Waltz - 2:56
8. Conchita - 3:10
9. Taste Of The Country - 3:09
10.Child Abuse - 2:40
11.The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again - 3:21

Blue Jug
*Ed Raetzloff - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Clint Delong - Guitar, Vocals
*Bill Little - Keyboards, Vocals
*Bill Burnett - Bass
*Lanny Boles - Drums
*Randy Scruggs - Guitar
*Rufus Thibodeaux - Violin