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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thunderduk - Thunderduk (1972-74 us, fine heavy guitar jamming psych with jazz elements, 2007 Footprint issue)

Spawned from the fertile musical grounds of Cleveland, Ohio, Thunderduk was part of a local scene that included the likes of The James Gang, Glass Harp, Bang and Dragonwyck. Their desire to play original music and their on stage antics made them one of the top draws on the club circuit in the early 70's. The combination of Phil Hilow's folk background and the versatility of Jeff Ulmicher produced a sound that included intricate rock ballads and long complicated concert pieces.

The foundation of their sound lied within the Bass work of Gary Wallis who spend many hours working on the band's equipment and developing new sound techniques to enhance the band's overall presentation. Rounding out the band was Bob Turchek on Drums who was later replaced by ex-Catscradle drummer Rick Fischer. Most of the material heard on this album was played by the band on two Agency Studio live broadcasts carried by local radio station WNCR. 

These recordings span a period from 1972-74 and we think you will agree that some forty years later they stand strong amongst the tradition of Cleveland Kick Ass Rock and Roll!!
by Rockadelic-recs

1. Why Don't You Love Me? (Jeff Ulmicher) - 3:56
2. Mountain By The Moon (Phil Silow) - 3:28
3. Something To Look At (Phil Silow) - 3:35
4. Time And Again (Jeff Ulmicher) - 6:17
5. The Collector (Jeff Ulmicher) - 3:12
6. Keep On Comin (Phil Silow) - 2:58
7. Number One (Phil Silow) - 3:23
8. Once Again Darkness (Jeff Ulmicher) - 9:23
9. Take 26 (Jeff Ulmicher) - 2:36

*Gary Wallis - Bass, Vocals
*Bob Turcheck - Drums, Congas
*Rick Fischer - Drums, Percussion
*Jeff Ulmicher - Guitar, Vocals
*Phil Silow - Guitar, Vocals

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Andwellas Dream - Love And Poetry (1969 ireland, brilliand psych, with killer guitar leads, occasionally veering towards progressive rock, 2009 Sunbeam extra tracks edition)

Andwella’s Dream was a thrusting injection of freakbeat that could not be ignored. Their slicing riffs were high core psyche injected from guitarist / keyboardist David Lewis, bassist Nigel Smith and drummer Gordon Barton who started out as The Method that at one time included Gary Moore.They were regulars at the Maritime Club where Van Morrison had his early days with Them.

The Method evolved into Andwella’s Dream and were the primal Irish psyche next to Eire Apparent. Dave Lewis the soaring guitarist who wrote all the songs also recruited keyboardist Dave McDougall, ex McCullochs Struthers & Paterson bassist Dave Stuthers, Nigel Portman Smith and ex One In A Million/Andromeda drummer Jack McCulloch.The bamboo flute and sax was played by future Egg Bob Downes. When Andwella’s Dream moved to London they released their primal 1969 debut Love And Poetry with surging numbers like the thrusty opener “The Days Grew Longer For Love” and guitar razzling “Sunday”.

Dave’s throttling axe exerts fury on “Lost A Number Found A King” with its ancient Indian flute and ambient acoustic textures. The two finest numbers “Cocaine” with McDougall pushing hard and the soaring “Shades Of Grey” where ex Thunderclap Newman Jack McCulloch’s drums are best heard create a furnace of fusion.

Acoustic delights are “Midday Sun”, “Goodbye” and the Hammond rolling “Felix” which opens into crescendo breaks by Lewis. In 1970 they evolved into Andwella and launched a further two albums Worlds End (1970) and Peoples People (1971) plus a bounty of singles. World’s End although a lyrical romantic masterpiece did ignite the past as on the psyche “Michael Fitzhenry” exalting frenetic flute and Dave’s insatiable guitar riffs. The harmonies and melody that bend around the brassy I’m Just Happy To See You Get Her are creative marvels.

Future Bad Company definitely copped the riffs from “Just How Long” while the double linked “World’s End” is just so underplayed. Sterling jazz riffs trip through Steely Dan styled “Back To The Road” with Bob Downes giving it stick in the wind. There’s a bit of Billy Joel in the People’s People or even Tremeloes in the opener “She Taught Me To Love” which crystalises into the spiritual “Saint Bartholomew”.

Lewis was the songwriter extraordinaire having written the award winning film War and songs as varied as “Happy To Be An Island In The Sun”, #1 for ex Aphrodite Child Demis Roussos. David’s 1969 The Songs Of David Lewis remain a collector’s dream.
by Shiloh Noone

1.The Days Grew Longer For Love - 3:55
2.Sunday - 3:13
3.Lost A Number, Found A King - 6:03
4.Man Without A Name - 2:41
5.Clockwork Man - 2:44
6.Cocaine - 4:59
7.Shades Of Grey - 3:36
8.High On A Mountain - 2:31
9.Andwella - 3:15
10.Midday Sun - 3:40
11.Take My Road - 3:22
12.Felix - 4:16
13.Goodbye - 2:17
14.Mrs. Mann - 3:59
15.Mister Sunshine - 3:17
16.Every Little Minute - 3:55
17.Michael FitzHenry - 3:42
18.Take My Road - 3:26
19.Man Without A Name - 2:38
20.Paradise Isle - 3:44
21.Miles Away From My Baby - 4:37
All songs by David Lewis
Bonus tracks from 14-21.

Andwella's Dream
*Dave Lewis - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Nigel Portman Smith - Bass
*Gordon Barton - Drums
*Bob Downes - Flute, Percussion, Chinese Bells, Tam Tam
*Wilgar Campbell - Drums

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Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 3 (1963-68 uk, 25 beat-pop pounders)

This mid-'60s British rock compilation, offers an occasional surprise: the protest folk-rock of the Mockingbirds' "One By One" (featuring Graham Gouldman), the weird cover of "Surf City" by the Raving Savages (Screaming Lord Sutch's backup band, with Ritchie Blackmore and Nicky Hopkins), and Bryan & the Brunelles' Zombies soundalike "Jacqueline." 

The biggest surprise, however, will bring this to the attention of listeners who don't collect these kinds of compilations: there are three 1963 demos by the Ravens, a pre-Kinks group led by Dave Davies. Actually, it sounds suspiciously like Ray Davies is singing on these tracks, liner notes to the contrary. It's bound to create excitement, and controversy about their actual origin, among Kinks collectors, but in any case, "I'm a Hog for You Baby" is a respectable R&B cover, "I Believed You" a poppy number in the spirit of the Kinks' two pre-"You Really Got Me" singles, and "This I Know" a more introspective, folky tune that (like "I Believed You") certainly sounds like an unreleased Ray Davies composition. 
by Richie Unterberger

Artists - Tracks
1.Sons Of Fred - I, I, I Want You Lovin' - 1:46
2.Sons Of Fred - She Only Wants a Friend - 2:18
3.In Crowd - Why Must They Criticise - 2:29
4.Thee - There You Go - 1:44
5.UK's - You Love Is All I Want - 2:06
6.Attraction - She's a Girl - 2:38
7.Bryan And Brunelles - Jacqueline - 2:28
8.Ways And Means - Breaking up a Dream - 2:29
9.Thoughts - Memory of Your Love - 2:09
10.Couriers - Take Away - 2:21
11.Mockingbirds - One By One - 2:24
12.Answers - It's Just A Fear - 3:19
13.Raving Savages - Surf City - 2:23
14.Svensk - Getting Old - 2:09
15.Ravens/Dave Davies - I'm a Hog For You Baby - 1:42
16.Ravens/Dave Davies - I Believed You - 1:59
17.Ravens/Dave Davies - This I Know - 2:03
18.Quakers - She's All Right - 2:41
19.Quakers - Talk to Me - 2:23
20.Talismen - You Break My Heart - 2:08
21.Frays - Keep Me Covered - 2:35
22.Favourite Sons - Walking Walking Walking - 2:09
23.Shakespears - Burning My Fingers - 2:11
24.Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich - He's a Raver - 2:09
25.Talismen - What Kind of Boy - 2:34

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