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Monday, November 28, 2011

T2 - It'll All Work Out in Boomland (1970 uk, stunning power heavy progressive rock, 2008 edition)

T2 was formed in early 1970 when Peter Dunton (drums, lead vocals and songs) left the Gun to join up with Keith Cross (guitar and keyboards) and Bernard Jinks (bass), both from Bulldog Breed. They soon found a strong musical rapport and, after less than a week of rehearsals, they started a residency at a club in London's West End.

By their third gig, the club was packed, and the producers from four major record companies and three TV and Radio programmes were there to check them out. This led to a recording deal with Decca Records, the release of "It'll All Work Out In Boomland" and several TV and radio appearances later in the year.

Their rise continued throughout the year, with appearances at several important open-air festivals, including the Isle of Wight and Plumpton. They headlined a series of residencies at the Marquee Club, and appeared at virtually every major rock venue in the London area before branching out onto the university circuit. They were constantly in the music press - indeed Keith, still only seventeen, was being hailed as the new Eric Clapton! In the end, the pressures grew too great and first Keith and then Bernard left the band.

After a short break, Peter put the band back on the road with new musicians, and T2 toured the UK continuously throughout 1971 and 1972. Finally, a settled line-up was achieved - including Mike Foster, who had been a friend of the band since the early lays. However, the UK music scene had changed considerably by then. The band found that to resume their recording career, they would have to compromise their musical policy. Rather than do this, they decided to stop altogether.

Essentially, T2 were an exceptional live band with a unique blend of musical styles. The three musicians played as one, with great emotional intensity, and sounded like no one else. Their music went through constant changes of light and shade, from wistful acoustic whispers to thunderous roars of anger, creating great musical tension on the way. Their concerts were not just a series of favourite songs, they were emotional experiences, which somehow triggered feelings and memories in their audiences. In some ways it was fitting that they should end too soon - a promise unfulfilled, a question unanswered. But the dream did not die.

1. In Circles - 8:34
2. J.L.T. - 5:44
3. No More White Horses - 8:35
4. Morning - 21:14
Bonus tracks:
5. Questions And Answers - 5:17
6. CD - 7:01
7. In Circles - 9:07

*Keith Cross - Guitars, Keyboards, Harmony Vocals
*Peter Dunton - Drums, Lead Vocals
*Bernard Jinks - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals

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