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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marble Phrogg - Marble Phrogg (1968 us, hard psych with interesting covers view, Relics 2011 edition)

This now rare and sought-after album was the work of a band from Tulsa in Northeastern Oklahoma. Although entirely embellished with cover versions collectors will pay hundreds of bucks for an original copy, the attraction being that many of the covers are as good, maybe even better than the originals. 

First off is I'm So Glad with some tasty fuzz guitar; next up is Love Me Again with more superb guitar work; this is evident too on Mars Bonfire's Born To Be Wild - every bit as good as The Steppenwolf version. There's a fine rendition of The Byrds' I Feel A Whole Lot Better, a very psychedelic treatment of Ingle-De Loach's Fields Of Sun with some excellent guitarwork and drumming and a fine Hendrix impersonation on Fire. 

Side Two isn't quite as good but it includes a rehash of Mick Jagger's Connection, a very fuzzy cover of Strange Brew and impressive reworks of Donovan's Season Of The Witch and Eric Burdon's Sky Pilot. Certainly any collector of psychedelia should snap up the recent repress. It has an interesting back cover too! 

1. I'm So Glad (S. James) - 4:08
2. Love Me Again (Norvell) - 3:57
3. Born To Be Wild (M. Bonfire) - 3:45
4. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Gene Clark) - 2:48
5. Fields Of Sun (Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle) - 2:47
6. Fire (Jimi Hendrix) - 2:58
7. Ryder (Rose) - 2:47
8. Connection (Mick Jagger) - 2:16
9. Strange Brew (Eric Clapton, Gail Collins, Felix Pappalardi) - 2:45
10.There's A Girl (Dickerson) - 3:17
11.Season Of The Witch (Donovan) - 4:05
12.Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon) - 5:28

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