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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Next Morning - The Next Morning (1971 trinidad, stunning psych rock)

The late-1960s found guitarist Scipio Sargeant having left his native Trinidad for New York City.  Living in Brooklyn his lightening quick guitar began attracting attention, including that of  fellow Trinidadian/guitarist Bert Bailey.  Discovering a shared interest in hard rock, the pair decided to form a band, quickly recruiting keyboardist Earl Arthur, brother/drummer Herb Bailey and singer Lou Phillips.  With Scipio switching to bass the quintet began attracting attention on the city's club circuit.

Almost signed by Columbia, the group ended up with a recording contract on the Roulette Records affiliated Calla label.  Recorded at New York's Electric Lady Studios, their 1971 debut "The Next Morning" was produced by Dick Jacobs and clearly drew inspiration from Jimi Hendrix.  Propelled by Arthur's insane keyboards and Bert Bailey's wicked feedback drenched guitar, self-penned material such as "Changes of the Mind", "Life Is Love" and "Back To the Stone Age"  offered up impressive slices of Hendrix-styled heavy rock. The overall performances were quite attractive, making for a first-rate set that should appeal to all guitar rock lovers.

1. The Next Morning (Lou Phillips, Scipio Sargeant, Bert Bailey) - 4:56
2. Life (Lou Phillips, Bert Bailey) - 2:57
3. Changes Of The Mind (Lou Phillips, Scipio Sargeant, Bert Bailey) - 6:01
4. Life Is Love (Lou Phillips, Earl Arthur) - 5:33
5. Back To The Stone Age (Lou Phillips, Scipio Sargeant, Bert Bailey) - 5:28
6. Adelane (Lou Phillips, Bert Bailey) - 2:51
7. A Jam Of Love (Lou Phillips, Scipio Sargeant, Herbert Bailey, Bert Bailey, Earl Arthur) - 4:24
8. Faces Are Smiling! (Lou Phillips, Bert Bailey) - 6:28

The Next Morning
*Earl Arthur - Keyboards
*Bert Bailey - Guitar
*Herbert Bailey - Drums
*Lou Phillips - Vocals
*Scipio Sargeant - Bass, Guitar

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