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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Canned Heat - The Very Best Of (1967-73 us, classic psych blues rock, 2005 issue with previous unreleased track)

With the glut of Canned Heat compilations available, what makes this 19-song Capitol/EMI release better than the rest? For starters, the previously unreleased track "Henry's Shuffle," featuring guitarist Henry Vestine and recorded in 1968, which was undoubtedly the zenith year for the band; the inclusion of "Low Down (And High Up)"; the rare Liberty B-side "Time Was," and the rollicking 1970 date with Little Richard, "Rockin' With the King."

Also included are several tracks that both the novice and die-hard fan alike would find essential -- three live cuts from the Monterey Pop Festival, a nod to the 1971 collaborative effort with John Lee Hooker on "Whiskey and Wimmen'," and two Woodstock era classics culled from the Boogie with Canned Heat album, "Amphetamine Annie" and "Fried Hockey Boogie."

And, of course, what would a Canned Heat compilation be without the bona fide hippie hits: "On the Road Again," "Goin' Up the Country" and "Let's Work Together." These are the original versions, digitally remastered and sounding great, so ignore the glut, this really is the Very Best of Canned Heat.
by Al Campbell

1. On the Road Again (Jones, Wilson) - 4:56
2. Goin' Up the Country (Wilson) - 2:51
3. Amphetamine Annie (Canned Heat) - 3:32
4. Rollin' and Tumblin' Live (Morganfield) - 4:14
5. Dust My Broom Live (James) - 4:58
6. Bullfrog Blues Live (Cook, Hite, Taylor, Vestine, Wilson) - 3:08
7. Henry's Shuffle (Previously Unreleased) (Vestine) - 4:52
8. Fried Hockey Boogie (Taylor) - 11:02
9. Same All Over (De La Parra, Hite, Taylor, Vestine) - 2:52
10.Time Was (Wilson) - 3:23
11.Low Down (And High Up) (De La Parra, Hite, Taylor, Vestine, Wilson) - 2:52
12.Poor Moon (Wilson) - 3:26
13.Let's Work Together (Harrison) - 3:13
14.Future Blues (De La Parra, Hite, Taylor, Mandel, Wilson) - 2:58
15.Human Condition (Canned Heat) - 5:25
16.Whiskey and Wimmen' (Hooker) - 4:37
17.Long Way from L.A. (Baker) - 3:07
18.Rockin' With the King / Little Richard (Penniman, Taylor) - 3:17
19.Rock & Roll (Hite) - 2:27

*Al Wilson - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
*Bob "The Bear" Hite - Vocals, Harmonica
*Henry Vestine, Joel Scott Hill, James Shane - Guitar
*Ed Beyer - Keyboards
*Larry "The Mole" Taylor, Tony De La Barreda, Richard Hite - Bass Guitar
*"Fito" De La Parra, Frank Cook - Drums
*Little Richard - Vocals, Piano
*John Lee Hooker - Vocals
*Harvey Mandel - Guitar

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