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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Human Zoo - The Human Zoo (1970 us, rough garage psych with r 'n b blinks, Cicadelic 2010 issue)

Originally known as The Circus, The Human Zoo were a rock band from Westminster, California. Featuring Jim Cunningham and Roy Young on vocals, John Luzadder on guitar, Larry Hanson on guitar and keyboards, Bob Dalrymple on bass and Kim Vydaremy on drums, the group was discovered by Jim Foster, guitarist with the Los Angeles-based psychedelic band The Human Expression, whose single "Optical Sound" had been a regional hit. 

On Foster's suggestion, the band changed their name from The Circus to The Human Zoo and they landed a recording deal with Accent Records, a small label based out of Hollywood. While Accent released their debut album in 1970, it was pressed in very small quantities; it's been speculated that the label's management believed the group had the potential to be signed to a larger label and pressed the LP primarily as a promoti...

1. It's Got To Be (Roy Young) - 3:01
2. Na-Na (Larry Hanson) - 2:07
3. Help Me (Jim Cunningham, Larry Hanson) - 3:11
4. I Dont' Care No More (Larry Hanson, John Luzadder) - 2:36
5. Funny (A.Morettini, D.Leonards) - 5:09
6. Late To My Resurrection (A.Morettini) - 3:07
7. When Papa Started Drinking (Bob Dalrymple) - 2:27
8. Gonna Take Me a Ride (Jim Cunningham, John Luzadder) - 3:31
9. Stone Sassy Fox (Jim Cunningham, D.Leonards) - 3:16
10. The Human Zoo (Roy Young, John Luzadder) - 3:12
11. The Time Was Over (Bob Dalrymple) - 2:36

The Human Zoo
*Roy Young - Vocals
*Jim Cunningham - Vocals
*Larry Hanson - Guitar, Horn, Keyboards
*John Luzadder - Guitar
*Bob Dalrymple - Bass
*Kim Vydaremy - Drums

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