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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Drawer - Solid Oak (1969 us, fetching heavy psych blues)

Top Drawer hailed from the rural center of the United States, coming right out of Kentucky. There aren’t many facts to be said about the band, considering they were around back in 1969-1970 and they only have one album that I am aware of. Their one and only album, titled “Solid Oak”, was recorded back in 1969 at Fultz Recording Studio over in Kentucky, and if you have one of these original records in mint condition, it could sell for well over a hundred dollars. The album is constantly being sought out due to it’s rarity.

1. Song Of A Sinner (Steve Geary) - 5:42
2. What Happened Before They Took The People Away (Steve Geary) - 5:19
3. Middle Class America (Alan Berry) - 4:55
4. Time Passes Much Too Quickly (Steve Geary) - 3:30
5. Messed Up (Ron Linn) - 3:46
6. Baker’s Boogie (John Baker) - 3:39
7. What’s In Store (Steve Geary) - 4:26
8. Sweet Memories (Alan Berry) - 4:56
9. Lies (Steve Geary) - 5:10

Top Drawer
*Steve Geary - Trumpet, Vocals, Harmony
*Ray Herr - Percussion, Harmony
*John Baker - Guitar, Harmony
*Alan Berry - Bass Guitar, Harmony, Vocals
*Ron Linn - Organ, Harpichord, Rhythm Guitar

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