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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trees - On the Shore (1970 uk, beautiful progressive folk, 2nd album 2007 remaster edition, with bonus disc)

Having honed their repertoire on the road, Trees returned to the studio in October 1970 to cut their second and last LP, the masterful On The Shore. Another beautifully-judged blend of original and traditional material, it received extravagant praise but failed to break through commercially, spelling the end for the band’s original incarnation.

It makes its long-awaited reappearance on vinyl here, as a deluxe double LP set. Featuring a gatefold sleeve packed with rare images, a lavish 12-page booklet with an introduction from their guitarist David Costa and a detailed band history, and numerous bonus tracks, it is the fullest edition of this classic album ever assembled.

‘An exceptionally intoxicating brew of gothic folk songs, eastern-tinged guitars, male-female vocal interplay and solid drum grooves. Impeccable stuff’
Shindig magazine

A splendid fusion of austere English folk and the fluid guitar lines of America’s West Coast, and as good as anything produced by their contemporaries in the field’
Record Collector

1. Soldiers Three (traditional) - 1:51
2. Murdoch (Bias Boshell) - 5:10
3. Streets of Derry" (traditional) - 6:09
4. Sally Free and Easy (Cyril Tawney) - 1:12
5. Fool (Boshell, David Costa) - 10:12
6. Adam's Toon (A. Della Halle) - 5:22
7. Geordie (traditional) - 5:06
8. While the Iron is Hot (Boshell) - 3:21
9. Little Sadie (traditional) - 3:11
10.Polly on the Shore (traditional) - 7:31

Bonus Disc
1. Soldiers Three (remix) - 1:50
2. Murdoch (remix) - 6:36
3. Streets of Derry (remix) - 7:34
4. Fool (remix) - 5:24
5. Geordie (remix) - 5:09
6. Little Sadie (remix) - 2:40
7. Polly on the Shore (remix) - 6:09
8. Forest Fire (1971 BBC session) - 4:06
9. Little Black Cloud (1970 demo) - 2:14

*Bias Boshell - Guitars, Piano, Acoustic 12-String, Vocals
*Celia Humphris - Vocals, Keyboards
*Barry Clarke - Lead Guitar
*Unwin Brown - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*David Costa - Acoustic Guitar, Electric 12-String, Dulcimer
Guest Musicians
*Tony Cox - Bass (on track 4)
*Michael Jeffries - Harp

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