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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Seeds - Future (1967 us, splendid psychedelic garage rock, GNP Crescendo Vinyl issue)

Based actually upon the commercial success of their only national Top 40 hit "Pushin' Too Hard", here they attempt to give a more complete picture,  -I would say- a more concept work, divided into separate parts, grafted by wildness and roughness, these psychedelic landscapes filled sometimes by garage drops here and there.

The myth says that Sky Saxon  painted himself the front  cover of "Future", as he painted the content. Titles such as “Travel With Your Mind”, will take you high in a long trip where you meet the “Flower Lady and Her Assistant” in a reflection of “A Thousand Shadows”.

As the years go by, their sound takes the value it deserves, adding them to the rightful place, as was left by the great legacy of the 60's.
Thank you Mr. Sky “Sunlight” Saxon 

1. Introduction (Sky Saxon) - 1:03
... March Of The Flower Children (Hooper, Saxon) - 1:45
2. Travel With Your Mind (Hooper, Savage, Saxon) - 3:00
3. Out Of The Question (Saxon, Serpent) - 3:02
4. Painted Doll (Saxon) - 3:20
5. Flower Lady And Her Assistant (Saxon) - 3:15
6. Now A Man (Hooper, Savage, Saxon) - 3:20
7. A Thousand Shadows (Hooper, Savage, Saxon) - 2:25
8. Two Fingers Pointing On You (Sky Saxon) - 3:10
9. Where Is the Entrance Way toPlay? (Saxon) - 2:55
10.Six Dreams (Saxon) - 3:05
11.Fallin' (Hooper, Saxon) - 7:40

The Seeds
*Sky Saxon - Lead Vocal, Bass
*Daryl Hooper - Piano, Organ, Sitar & Vocals
*Jan Savage - Guitar, Gong & Vocals
*Rick Andridge - Drums
*Harvey Sharpe - Bass
*Tjay Cantrelli - Woodwinds
*Catharine Gotthoffer - Harp

Sky Saxon and The Seeds trip..
1965-93 The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
1986 Sky "Sunlight" Saxon And Firewall - Destiny's Children