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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Valdy - Country Man (1972 canada, awesome folk country rock, 2020 korean remaster)

Valdy, was born of Danish parents, in 1946 as Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa.  He began his career playing guitar in rock and country groups. In 1966 he made his home in British Columbia, where he farmed for several years near Sooke. Adopting a country-folk style, he performed in Victoria coffee houses and in 1972 came to national notice with his 'Rock and Roll Song' (from the LP Country Man, Haida HL-5101). Other popular singles for Haida and A & M followed 1973-6: his own songs 'A Good Song' and 'Simple Life,' and David Bradstreet's 'Renaissance (Let's Dance That Old Dance)'. Valdy has also recorded several songs by Bob Ruzicka, including 'Yes I Can (Anyway You Want Me).'

Although less prominent during the 1980s, Valdy remained a fixture on the Canadian folk circuit and also appeared for children and, on occasion, with symphony orchestras, maintaining a yearly itinerary of some 200 performances. He released three more LPs: Valdy (1980, Sloth SL-1001), Valdy's Kid's Record (1982, Sloth SL-1003), and Notes from Places (Duke Street DSR-31010, which included a version of Ron Hynes's 'Sonny's Dream,' a country hit in 1985). To his early concern as a songwriter for environmental and social causes, he added a decided political slant with such titles as 'Living Next to a Candy Store' (re the Canada-US Free Trade agreement, 1988), 'Ten Little White Men - The Ballad of Meech Lake' (1990), and 'Hey Mr. Michael Wilson' (re the Goods and Services Tax, 1990). His, however, has generally been a voice of concern and caution rather than anger, the passion of his message moderated by his sweet, relaxed tenor.

1. Country Man - 2:38
2. Place At The Table - 2:30
3. A Good Song - 2:08
4. Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm - 2:31
5. Rainmaker - 5:40
6. Rock 'N' Roll Song - 3:00
7. Hello Mr. Record Man - 2:07
8. See How The Years Have Gone By - 3:03
9. Goin Down Slow - 3:03
10.Bruce And The Green Stock - 2:41
11.Goin To The Country - 2:35
12.Country Man - 1:43
All songs by Valdemar "Valdy" Horsdal

*Valdy - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
*Jim Gordon - Drums
*Max Bennett - Bass
*Brett Wade - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Claire Lawrence - Organ, Flute