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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Steve Baron - A Wanderer Like You (1973 uk, exceptional country folk rock, original Vinyl release)

Excellent effort from Steve Baron who puts an energy into his work lacking in some of the biggest stars. Baron is able to take potentially mundane subjects and make them interresting through his writing and singing styles, and can take advantage of the country craze without sounding he is cashing on it. 

This set is full of potential singles. Production from Pete Drake is superb bringing Baron's rich voice to the forefront and allowing each intrument to be heard in it's turn.
B/board, May 25 1974. 

In the early  seventies, Steve Baron put out two more albums, the 1971 "Sessions" and the 1973 "A Wanderer Like You", contained the classic song "The Magic Magician". Sadly, Steve passed away in March 2002.

1. I'm A Wanderer Like You - 3:04
2. Happiness Is Just Like Breathing Space - 3:00
3. Magic Magician - 7:30
4. Letting Go - 3:27
5. I've Thought A Little Bit - 3:15
6. Highwire - 4:37
7. There's No Place For Us In The Garden - 4:23
8. This Song's For Dancing - 3:27
9. You Were Just Dancing - 4:37
10.Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven (Still Another Version) (co-lyrics Billy Meshel) - 3:20
Lyrics and Music by Steve Baron

*Steve Baron - Vocals, Guitars
*Jack Solomon - Acoustic Guitar
*Pete Drake - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Larry London - Drums
*Earl Ball - Piano
*Mike Leech - Bass
*Jimmy Colvard -Lead Guitar
*Lanny Avery - Drums, Bell Tree
*Hoyet Henry - Bass, Horns
*Henry Strzelecki - Bass
*Dale Sellers - Lead Guitar
*Linda Hargrove - Organ
*Larry Sasser - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Diane Craige - High Voice
*Ginger Holladay, Temple Riser, Lea Jane Berinati - Vocals

1969  Steve Baron Quartet - The Mother Of Us All

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