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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trilogy - I'm Beginning To Feel It (1970 us, magnificent classic rock with folk tinges, 2019 korean remaster)

Skip Griparis has flourished in many of the performing arts. After first studying piano and saxophone as a boy, he began his professional career while at Joliet West High School as a singer/guitarist in the first of a succession of top-rated pop/rock bands. Skip also found the time to work as an announcer at WJRC-AM Radio. Following high school, he continued his music studies at Joliet Junior College.

Soon Skip released his first album on Mercury Records as a member of Trilogy, a Joliet- based band that opened for such artists as Count Basie and Buddy Rich. Griparis also became a staff writer for United Artists Publishing, where he penned songs that have sold worldwide. Next, he joined Chicago's MCA recording artists New Colony Six. After a two-year stint, he left to sing and play in the Olivia Newton-John band, a position he held for four years. Skip performed with Olivia in a wide range of venues, including the Bu-Do Kan in Tokyo, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, and on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. 

After his tours with Newton-John ended, Griparis performed in several Joliet Drama Guild productions, and then completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater at Lewis University. He has acted in everything from professional world-premier productions to classic Shakespeare. His film and TV appearances include the role of Monte the colorman in the blockbuster hit movies Major League I and II.

Always looking for a new challenge, Skip combined his sense of humor with his music and acting skills to produce a satiric musical comedy act. In addition to performing numerous times at the Rialto Theater, he has headlined Dangerfield's in New York, Zanies in Chicago, and the Ice House in Los Angeles. A Chicago Tribune poll recognized Griparis as one of the top five comics in the country.

American classic rock band with folk shades, good vocal hamonies and excellent guitar with some psychedelic influences. They were from Chicago area but in their hearts they must have been from San Francisco.

1. Red Wine (Skip Griparis) - 3:43
2. Thought (#1) (Skip Griparis) - 0:41
3. Three Blind Minds (Kevin McCann) - 3:35
4. The Royal Shut (Kevin McCann) - 2:57
5. Thought (#2) (Bob Wilson) - 0:21
6. Removing Myself  (Bob Wilson) - 2:47
7. Thought (#3) (Kevin McCann) - 0:27
8. Goodbye Flying  (Skip Griparis) - 3:13
9. I'm Beginning To Feel It (Kevin McCann) - 2:45
10.March 16th (My Closet Shelf) (Bob Wilson) - 2:58
11.Comin Up Soon (Skip Griparis) - 4:07
12.Thought (#4) (Kevin McCann) - 0:52
13.For An Occasion (After The Ball) (Kevin McCann) - 2:10
14.Trilogy For Carol (Bob Wilson) - 5:17

*Skip Griparis - Lead Guitar, Piano, Vocals,
*Kevin McCann - Guitar, Harmonica, Organ, Vocals,
*Bob Wilson - Lead Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Vocals
*Bernie Pershey - Drums, Tabla
*Rick Barr - Drums
*Thom Richards - Bass, Flute

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