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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canned Heat - Livin The Blues (1968 us, blues rock masterpiece, akarma edition)

The mammoth Double-LP featuring the first release of “Going Up The Country”, The experimental “Parthenogenesis”, and the 42-minute “Refried Boogie”. Arguably this record was the most influential release of Canned Heat’s career on the pop charts.

Bob switches between about a dozen different vocal Blues style during the course of this double-record. It is experimental and volatile in nature; taking Charley Patton and Floyd Jones tunes and transmogrifying them with LSD; updating the sound for a hipper, younger audience. “Sandy’s Blues” is probably the most relevant and concisely recorded shuffle of The Summer Of Love generation, and “One Kind Favor” will show you who helped pioneer the headbang. (Thank you for your buzzing, Mr. Vestine)

A 10-point masterpiece from front to back.

1. Pony Blues (Charley Patton) – 3:48
2. My Mistake (Alan Wilson) – 3:22
3. Sandy's Blues (Bob Hite) – 6:46
4. Going Up the Country (Wilson) – 2:50
5. Walking by Myself (Jimmy Rogers) – 2:29
6. Boogie Music (L.T. Tatman III) – 3:19
7. One Kind Favor (Tatman) – 4:43
8. Parthenogenesis (Medley) (Canned Heat) – 19:57
a) Nebulosity
b) Rollin' and Tumblin
c) Five Owls
e) Bear Wires
f) Snooky Flowers
g) Sunflower Power
h) Raga Kafi
i) Icebag
j) Childhood's End

1. Refried Boogie (Parts 1, 2) (Canned Heat) – 40:51

Canned Heat
*Bob Hite – vocals
*Alan Wilson – Slide Guitar, vocals, Harmonica
*Henry Vestine– Lead guitar
*Larry Taylor – Electric Bass
*Fito de la Parra – drums
Guest Musicians
*Dr. John Creaux - Horn Arrangements, Piano (Boogie Music)
*Miles Grayson - Horn Arrangements (Sandy's Blues)
*Joe Sample - Piano (Sandy's Blues)

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