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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Song - Song Album (1970 us, remarkable blend of power pop glam rock with some jazz aspects, 2017 korean remaster)

Band Song formed in 1969, recorded and released one album in 1970, and were history within a year. Pretty much pure power pop here, but there are a couple of heavier rock and jazz infused tracks that veer away from it. The musicianship is solid, and I'm sure Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen contributed some of their production and engineering wizardry to the final mix.

Mickey Rooney Jr. was the main songwriter and singer as well as rhythm guitar player, born 3 July 1945 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, and was the son of famous actor Mickey Rooney, the other members of the the band, were Shelly Scott and Rob Lewine. Wolfman Jack regularly used Clarks jazz/rock instrumental from that album called 'Medicine Man' as his sign off track. It remains a classic today. 

Baeutiful power pop songs, catchy melodies, great harmonies inbetween frantic bongo-handclap breaks, a bit of an English Isles folk sounds, midtempo rockers, and a progressive jazz-rock jam complete with a drum solo. 

1. 10 X 10 (Bob McDonald, Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman) - 2:44
2. Like We Were Before (Joey Covington, Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 2:14
3. Eat Fruit (Bob McDonald, Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman) - 2:40
4. Whenever I Think Of You (John Blanchard, Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 2:09
5. Banana High Noon (Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman, Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 6:18
6. I`m Not Home (Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 3:50
7. Wife (Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 1:44
8. Sugar Lady (Bob McDonald, Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman, Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 2:51
9. Meatgrinder (Bob McDonald, Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman, Mickey Rooney Jr.) - 3:09
10.Medicine Man (Carmen Sardo, Clark Garman) - 7:41

*Rob Lewine - Bass, Vocals
*Shelly Silverman - Drums, Vocals
*Clark Garman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Mickey Rooney Jr. - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

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