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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The M - The M (1972 japan, psychedelic soul with great guitar passages)

The festival band The M rode the high crest of the white foamed wave of the New Rock movement that overtook the Japanese music scene in the early seventies. The hand was a kind of supergroup since its members where assembled and drafted from other high profile heavy rock/psych outfits. 

Lead guitarist Takami Asano was drafted in from Godaigo, bassist Yoshimichi Tarumi, Gedo's Tetsuya Nishi on drums and Yellow's TakamichiTarumi. In 1971 The M was everywhere, playing alongside such luminaries as Creation, Too Much, Murahatchibu and Miki Curtis' newly heavy version of Samurai. In early April 1971, The M performed at the celebrated 'Rock Invitation Number One', at llibiya Outdoor Hall, thereafter being asked back for'Rock Invitation Number Two', on June 26th. 

Later the same year,The M recorded a self-titled LPfor RCA Records, which was released in February 1972. The M was destined to make it big but failed against all expectations to hit the spotlights, in that the album sold very few copies and was withdrawn. So not surprisingly (hey only released this single album and shortly afterwards disbanded. The A side is comprised of original compositions by the band, whereas the B side is made up out of some well selected cover tunes, with which they always had huge success while performing them live.

1. (The Time Now Here) - 11:21
2. (White Cross) - 5:02
3. (Fault Of Love) - 3:25
4. My Cherie Amour - 2:54
5. Lookin' For A Home - 5:10
6. Gypsy Queen - 4:45
7. It's Too Late -  5:05
8. Flight Of The Ibis - 3:14

The M
*Takami Asano - Lead Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard
*Tetsuya Nishi - Drums, Vocal
*Yoshimichi Tarumi - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal
*Takamichi Tarumi - Vocal, Percussion

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Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream (1967 uk, classy delicate psychedelia with baroque traces, Japan issue)

One of the masterpieces of Britain’s early psych era, Tangerine Dream has no weaknesses: the songwriting and arrangements are terrific, the vocals are good, the balance between melody, mood and experiment is ideal, and even the recording quality is top-notch. This is the sound of 1967’ 
by Patrick Lundborg, Galactic Ramble 

‘Kaleidoscope are one of the most fondly-remembered of the more cultish UK psych-pop bands… Tangerine Dream remains an essential period piece’ 
by David Wells

‘Neatly capturing the optimism and experimentalism of the celebrated summer of 1967, Tangerine Dream is melodic, whimsical, very English and perfectly suited to the mood of the time’
by Q Magazine

1. Kaleidoscope - 2:14
2. Please Excuse My Face - 2:11
3. Dive Into Yesterday - 4:46
4. Mr. Small, The Watch Repairer Man - 2:43
5. Flight From Ashiya - 2:40
6. The Murder Of Lewis Tollani - 2:47
7. (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion - 3:19
8. Dear Nellie Goodrich - 2:46
9. Holiday Maker - 2:29
10.A Lesson Perhaps - 2:42
11.The Sky Children - 8:05
12.A Dream For Julie (Mono) - 2:47
13.Just How Much Are You (Mono) - 2:14
14.Jenny Artichoke - 2:40

*Eddy Pumer - Lead Guitar, Keyboards
*Steve Clark - Bass, Flute.
*Dan Bridgman - Drums, Percussions.
*Peter Daltrey - Lead Vocals, Keyboards

1967-69 Kaleidoscope - Dive Into Yesterday
1970  Fairfield Parlour - Home to Home

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