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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Herbal Mixture - Please Leave My Mind (1966 uk, fine blues garage beat)

Formed in London, England in 1966, Herbal Mixture consisted of Tony McPhee (guitar/vocals), Pete Cruickshank (bass) - both ex-members of John Lee’s Groundhogs - and Mike Meekham (drums). The new act’s name was inspired by McPhee’s interest in alternative medicine. 

Herbal Mixture secured a contract with Columbia Records, for whom they recorded two inventive singles. ‘A Love That’s Died’ married pop and psychedelia through McPhee’s fuzz guitar playing, while the atmospheric ‘Machines’ opens with startling effects, before progressing through contrasting moods heightened by further compelling guitar work. 

Herbal Mixture split up in 1967 having failed to achieve commercial success either on record or as a live attraction. In 1968 McPhee and Cruickshank were reunited in the Groundhogs. Please Leave My Mind compiles singles, demo versions and two previously unreleased tracks.  

1. Rock Me Baby (Little Son Jackson) - 2:29
2. Shake It (C. Carter, J. Cruickshank) - 2:03
3. Some One to Love - 2:38
4. Hallelujah - 2:13
5. I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Stone) - 2:08
6. Over You Baby - 2:22
7. Please Leave My Mind - 2:38
8. a Love That Never Died - 2:43
9. Something's Happening - 1:53
10.Tailor Made - 1:56
11.Over You Baby - 1:57
12.Machines - 2:03
13.Please Leave My Mind #2 - 2:39
14.Tailor Made #2 - 1:58
15.A Love That's Died #2 - 2:27
16.A Love That's Died #3 - 2:29
All songs by Tony McPhee except where noted
Tracks 1-6 as The Groundhogs 

Herbal Mixture
*Tony McPhee - Guitar, Vocals
*Pete Cruickshank - Bass
*Mike Meekham - Drums

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