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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dr Music - Sun Goes By (1972 canada, amazing art jazz spiritual blues rock)

In the 1970’s radio was playing great talent on the air as part of the CanCon requirements, and one such group was Toronto’s Dr. Music. An eclectic freeform jazzy R&B group, they fluctuated between 7 and 15 members. Dr. Music was truly the creation and dream of noted arranger/keyboardist Doug Riley.

Riley’s music experience had started years before, when he was recruited to get musicians for CTV’S ‘The Ray Stevens Show’ for season 1969-1970. That was the birth of Dr. Music. When the show was cancelled, Dr. Music decided to stay together, release recordings and tour to support their music.

The first release under the Dr. Music moniker was "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" on RCA Records, a split single with The Laurie Bower Singers for a Canadian version of the international Coca-Cola jingle.

This led to a partnership with British engineer/producer Terry Brown and the duo of Brown and Riley led to the their collaboration to form Toronto Sound Recording studio for jingle production. It also included working with then a new Canadian label, GRT Records. Having previously released his solo album 'Foxy Lady' (featuring vocalist Terry Black) on GRT, Riley was able to get the label's backing to release Dr. Music's self-titled debut LP featuring the first single, "Try A Little Harder", and its hit follow-up "Sun Goes By" (both written by Motherlode's Steve Kennedy) in 1972. Dr. Music disbanded at this point as Doug Riley was immersed in his new studio position, and the struggle to do both ventures well led to this decision.

Doug Riley died suddenly on August 28, 2007 of heart failure Doug Riley was at the Calgary airport on route to his home in Little Pond, P.E.I, at that time he was 62 years old.
by Sandy Graham

1. Rollin' Home (Doug Riley) - 6:16
2. Sun Goes By (Steve Kennedy) - 3:50
3. One More Mountain To Climb (Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield) - 3:16
4. Find Me Some Wine (Wingfat) - 3:31
5. When You Believe (Steve Kennedy) - 4:53
6. Glory Glory (Brian Russell) - 4:20
7. Try A Little Harder (Doug Riley) - 2:48
8. Dreams (Brenda A. Gordon) - 3:53
9. Don't Wait Too Long (Doug Riley) - 4:16
10.Road To Love (Steve Kennedy) - 6:08

*Don Thompson - Bass, Vibes, Percussion
*Doug Riley - Organ Bass, Keyboards
*Kenny Marco - Guitars
*Doug Mallory - Guitars
*Terry Bush - Guitars
*Michael Kennedy - Congas
*Dick Smith - Congas
*Terry Black - Harmonica
*Bruce Cassidy - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
*Barm Tollman - Trombone
*Steve Kennedy - Tenor Sax, Flute
*Gary Morgan - Baritone Sax, Alto Flute, Clarinet
*Terry Clark – Drums
*Mouse Johnson - Drums
*Rhonda Silver - Vocals
*Brenda Cordon - Vocals
*Laurel Ward - Vocals
*Terry Black - Vocals
*Steve Kennedy - Vocals
*Brian Russell  - Vocals
*Michael Kennedy- Vocals

1974  Dr. Music - Bedtime Story

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