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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Iggy Pop And James Williamson - Kill City (1975/77 us, 2010 edition, restored, remixed, remastered with 24page booklet )

I like what this album has to say. It is rather concept, the music is well thought out. It adheres to no particular genre. A lot of people have borrowed its ideas. It's one of the very first independent LPs I know of. I hope you like it.
Iggy Pop

Kill City was by all measures a desperate effort, a singularly honest and heartfelt perfomance a genuine progression of our song writing, and another in a long line of flops that were later resurrected and heralded as masterpieces.

By the time it was released as a record, both Iggy and I were off doing other things with our lives, but with this release we are not only reunited in our musical endeavors but in our appreciation of this album, its remix, and its importance to us as artists.
James Williamson

1. Kill City - 2:34
2. Sell Your Love - 3:41
3. Beyond The Law - 3:22
4. I Got Nothin' - 3:26
5. Johanna - 3:23
6. Night Theme - 1:20
7. Night Theme (Reprise) - 1:05
8. Consolation Prizes - 3:38
9. No Sense Of Crime - 3:56
10.Lucky Monkeys - 3:39
11.Master Charge - 3:41

*Iggy Pop – Vocals
*James Williamson – Guitar
*Brian Glascock - Drums, Congas, African Beaters, backing Vocals
*Scott Thurston – Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Harmonica, Bass(1,3,5,6)
*John Harden - Saxophones
*Steve Tranio – Bass (2,4,9)
*Tomy Sales - Backing Vocals, Bass (10,11)
*Hunt Sales - Backing Vocals - Drums (10,11)
*Gayna (From The Count Dracula Society) - Backing Vocals on "Night Theme"

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