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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Tony Kelly - I Never Got (1973 uk, elegant folk soft rock with funk and jazz elements, 2014 korean remaster)

Released in 1975 as the second work of British singer-songwriter Tony Kelly, who released a total of three albums. What is similar to his debut work is that it shows high-quality musicality with the participation of many guest musicians other than the main character, and all songs are filled with his own compositions, clearly showing his high songwriting skills. 

On the other hand, the difference between his two albums is that the American swamp atmosphere is stronger than the previous release, and a sophisticated AOR atmosphere is felt, depending on the song. It is a work that is not well-known compared to his debut, but it is an effort that can appeal to both British and American singer-songwriter music lovers. 

1. Can't Help Thinking (About The Good Times) - 3:59
2. Mr Medicine Man - 3:36
3. See What I Can Find - 3:30
4. Misunderstanding - 6:06
5. Count Me On Your Side - 3:42
6. Changing Your Style - 3:30
7. Coming Near Your Time - 3:42
8. I Never Got - 4:40
9. Find Your Own Way - 3:53
10.I Tried - Yes I Did - 3:00
Lyrics and Music by Tony Kelly

*Tony Kelly - Lead Vocals, 6 and 12 string Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Mick Cox - Electric Guitar
*Micky Moody - Electric Guitar 
*Neil Hubbard - Electric Guitar
*Mick Weaver - Keyboards 
*Nick Judd - Keyboards 
*Bruce Rowland - Drums
*Terry Stannard - Drums
*Chrissie Stewart - Bass
*Marty Lewis - Bass
*Dave Brooks - Tenor Saxophone
*Jo Ann Kelly, Viola Wills, Frank Collins, Dyan Birch - Vocals 
*Paddie McHugh and The Ever Present Chorus - Vocals 
*Frankie Blackwell, Millie, Marty, Tony and the Two Nicks - Vocals