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Friday, November 9, 2012

Everyone - Everyone (1971 uk, marvelous progressive folk rock, 2011 Flawed Gems extra tracks edition)

One of the least known and most underrated folk-progressive albums from Britain! Fronted by noted folk guitarist Andy Roberts (ex-Liverpool Scene) and organist Bob Sargeant (ex-Junco Partners) the band released his eponymous album in January 1971 on B'n'C label - home of Atomic Rooster, Steeleye Span, Ginhouse and Hannibal. 

This quite varied, nicely arranged and very often simply stunning album contained plenty of interesting folk (or even country rock) ideas mixed with classic, progressive sounds - with changing moods, atmospheric instrumental piano/organ/mellotron passages, fine guitar leads and very complex and slightly jazzy rhythm section. 

1. Trouble At The Mill - 3:26
2. Sad - 7:02
3. Midnight Shift  - 2:05
4. Don't Get Me Wrong - 4:27
5. Sitting On A Rock - 3:04
6. Too Much A Loser - 5:56
7. Radio Lady - 3:17
8. This Way Up - 5:20
9. Trio - 4:56
10.Too Much A Loser - 6:04
Tracks 9-10 unreleased bonus tracks from the BBC sessions

*Andy Roberts - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Violin
*Bob Sargeant - Vocals, Organ, Piano, Mellotron,
*Acoustic Guitar, Vibes, Harmonica
*Dave Richards - Vocals, Bass, Organ
*John Pearson - Drums, Percussion
Special Guest
*John Porter - Electric Guitar

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Them - Them In Reality (1971 us/uk, excellent garage psych, 2008 Fallout edition)

In 1971, following the departure of his bandmate Jerry Cole, bassist Alan Henderson joined forces with US guitarist Jim Parker and drummer John Stark to make this lost power trio classic - the last to be issued under the legendary ‘Them’ moniker. It opens with a searing medley of the Them classics ‘Gloria’ and ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, boasting superb interplay and savage psychedelic guitar throughout. 

Elsewhere, Stark and Parker flex their songwriting muscles on a series of powerful compositions, and even an acid folk number. Like its equally overlooked predecessor, this lost classic is guaranteed to find favour with fans of top-end garage rock.

1. Gloria (Van Morrison) - 6:05
2. Baby Please Don't Go (Joe Williams) - 4:50
3. Laugh (Paul Williams) - 3:00
4. Let My Song Through (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 2:37
5. California Man (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 2:12
6. Lessons of the Sea (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 3:46
7. Rayn (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 2:52
8.  Back In the Country (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 3:34
9. Can You Believe (Jim Parker, John Stark) - 2:46

*Alan Henderson - Bass
*John Stark - Drums, Lead Vocals
*Jim Parker - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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