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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mantis - Turn On To Music (1973 fiji, pleasant hard funky boogie, 2013 edition)

This psychedelic funk classic is firmly established as one of the most collectable albums of all time. Recorded by a quartet from Fiji, it was only released in New Zealand, where it appeared in tiny quantities on the legendary Vertigo label in 1973. An irresistible blend of originals (notably the epic “Island Suite”) and covers (including material by Mountain, The Wackers, and Jo Jo Gunne), original copies have sold for well into four figures.

1. Day And Night (Segarini, Bishop, Lanzon) - 3:10
2. In The Midnight Hour (Cropper, Pickett) - 3:14
3. You Don’t Love Me - 3:22
4. Mississippi Queen (West, Laing, Papalardi, Rea) - 2:56
5. Shake That Fat (Ferguson, Andes) - 4:04
6. Turn Onto Music (James, King) - 2:33
7. Island Suite (Mantis) - 22:31
.b.Back At The Village
.c.Hurricane Bebe

*Joe Heritage – Bass, Vocals
*Ronnie Sammuel - Keyboards
*Paul Stephen - Drums
*Waisea Vatuwaga – Guitar, Vocals
*Reuben Davui – Guitar, Vocals

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