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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Frijid Pink - Defrosted (1970 us, astonishing fuzzy heavy bluesy rock, 2016 remaster and xpanded)

One of America’s best loved bands of the early 1970s. Frijid Pink came from Detroit and specialised in a brand of soulful rock typical of the city that gave birth to Motown. After they hit the charts with ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ they were often compared by many critics to the MC5 and the Stooges.

Second album ‘Defrosted’ was first released in 1970. It is more blues-based hard rock, verging towards heavy metal than its predecessor, yet still contains their characteristic signature ‘fuzz guitar’ sound that featured prominently on the group’s debut LP.

‘Defrosted’ is packed with rocking performances featuring Kelly Green (vocals), Gary Ray Thompson (guitar) and Rich Stevers (drums) on original compositions such as ‘Black Lace’ and the Zeppelin-esque ‘Sing A Song For Freedom’.

This was the last album to feature founders Green and Thompson, as their shock departure from the group soon followed, and subsequent albums changed musical style.

1. Black Lace (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 6:11
2. Sing A Song For Freedom (Gary Ray Thompson, Richard Stevers, Tom Beaudry) - 3:02
3. I'll Never Be Lonely (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry, Tom Harris) - 5:03
4. Bye Bye Blues (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 4:57
5. Pain In My Heart (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 8:22
6. Sloony (Gary Ray Thompson, Richard Stevers, Tom Harris) - 3:38
7. I'm Movin' (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 4:54
8. I Haven't Got The Time (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 4:23
9. We're Gonna Be There (Gary Ray Thompson, Richard Stevers, Tom Beaudry, Tom Harris, Vinny Testa) - 2:29
10.Shorty Kline (Gary Ray Thompson, Tom Beaudry) - 2:22
11.I Love Her (Craig Webb, Jon Wearing, Larry Zelanka, Richard Stevers, Tom Harris) - 2:46
12.Lost Son (Craig Webb, Jon Wearing, Larry Zelanka, Richard Stevers, Tom Harris) - 2:20
Bonus Tracks 9-12

Frijid Pink
*Gary Ray Thompson - Guitars
*Tom Beaudry aka Kelly Green - Lead Vocals
*Tom Harris - Bass
*Richard Stevers - Drums
*Larry Zelanka - Keyboards