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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Corpus - Creation A Child (1971 us, spectacular texas hard acid rock, 2011 Axis remaster)

'Underrated, partly outstanding ballsy 1970s rock album in the Texas style, which means good production, strong vocals, and solid playing all around. Some of it is rootsy blues-rock which wins out on pure class and power, but the highlights are undoubtedly two psych-flavored epics that could easily slide onto the Garrett Lund or D.R. Hooker LPs: the nocturnal, moodily jazz-tinged Mythical Dream and the even better Joy, whose combination of soaring vocals and superbly controlled feedback licks will have any fan of 70s private press sounds flip out... 

The music is given additional appeal by realistic lyrics about relationships and fatherhood, planned and unplanned, that retain a male perspective without degenerating into macho cliches. I bet these guys were local heroes among kids cruising around Corpus, and in another time and place they would have hit the big time. Despite reservations, impressive and a must hear for 1970s rock fans, while undoubtedly too much 'classic rock' for '60s guys. A marvy cosmic yet primitive sleeve adds bonus points'.
The Acid Archives

1. Cruising - 3:51
2. Joy - 6:20
3. Marriage - 3:38
4. Creation A Child - 6:54
5. Just A Man - 3:17
6. We Can Make It, Luv - 2:30
7. Not Mine - 3:31
8. Where Is She? - 3:36
9. Mythical Dream - 4:55
All songs by W. Grate, J. Castillo, F. Lianes, R. Deleon and G. Pena Jr.

*William Grate - Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
*James Castillo (Beaver) - Bass
*Frudy Lianes - Drums
*Richard Deleon (De-De) - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Gilbert Pena Jr. - Lyrics

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