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Friday, April 26, 2019

Swampwater - Swamp Water (1971 us, amazing country folk swamp rock, 2019 korean remaster)

Their last album and another really good country-rock outing. This self-titled effort was released off RC

A in 1971 and came packaged in a strange jacket. Swampwater’s lineup had remained the same since their self-titled 1970 debut.

In comparison to that debut, there were a few more rock n roll tracks like the album opener Ooh-Wee California, the raw Dakota, and Ol’Papa Joe. These songs were good though, with well constructed guitar solos and strong bluegrass and cajun flavors. There were a few covers too but all were standouts like the excellent heartfelt version of One Note Man, a track with nice jangly Byrdsian guitar solos and pretty fiddle, which gave the song real atmosphere. Guilbeau also resurrected Gentle Ways of Lovin’ Me, a track he had recorded on numerous occasions with many different bands. Swampwater turned in one of the best versions of this song which is highlighted by barrelhouse banjo and a delicate, sincere arrangement. Another great track, Headed For The Country, compared favorably with the country-rock era Byrds, and had beautiful, sad folk-like harmonies and fine guitar playing.

All in all the album was strong, lacking any weak moments and showcased a great band that should have been at least as well known as Poco or Commander Cody. 
by Jason Nardelli

1. Ooh Wee California (Gib Guilbeau) - 2:52
2. Headed For The Country (Larry Murray) - 3:00
3. Ol' Papa Joe (Gib Guilbeau) - 2:34
4. Mama Lou (Larry Murray) - 3:08
5. A Song I Heard (Maury Muehleisen) - 2:23
6. One Note Man (Paul Arnoldi) - 2:41
7. Back On The Street Again (Steve Gillette) - 2:07
8. Dakota (Larry Murray) - 3:15
9. Gentle Ways Of Lovin' Me (Gib Guilbeau) - 2:23
10.Back Porch Harmony (Gib Guilbeau) - 1:58
11.Medley A. Swampdown B. The Merry Go Round C. Broke Down (Traditional, Cliff Friend, Dave Franklin) - 2:06

The Swampwater
*John Beland – Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Dobro, Vocals
*Gib Guilbeau - Fiddle, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Thad Maxwell - Bass, Vocals
*Stan Pratt - Drums
*Herb Pedersen - Banjo, Acoustic Guita
*Don Tweedy - Baritone Saxophone
*Curly Chalker - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Jimmy Day - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Glen D. Hardin - Piano

1970  Swampwater - Swampwater 

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