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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Paul Revere And The Raiders ‎– Hard 'N' Heavy With Marshmallow (1969 us, excellent classic rock beat psych, Sundazed extra tracks issue)

By the time of Paul Revere & the Raiders recorded Hard 'N' Heavy late in 1968, Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere were the only remaining original members of the band -- yet, surprisingly, this album consisted entirely of band originals, which is a pretty daring move for the first long-player featuring a new lineup of any band; even more amazing is that it's all good music. 

Bassist/guitarist Keith Allison, in particular, proved himself a special asset to the group throughout this album, not only with some very ballsy playing but three killer hard-rocking songs (co-written with Mark Lindsay) -- the Stones-like "Time After Time" and "Out on That Road," and "Without You." These alternate with Lindsay's smoother, generally more pop-oriented solo originals, and some competent, even catchy songs written by guitarist Freddy Weller and drummer Joe Correro. Lindsay's "Cinderella Sunshine" is the highlight of the album, appearing on the 2000 Sundazed Records reissue in both its album incarnation and its shorter, punchier single version.  There's also an uncredited 16th track, "Everybody Loves Swingy," written for a Mattel doll, that's one of the most infectious rock & roll numbers ever cut by the band. 

Its presence also spotlights a conundrum that the Raiders faced in 1969 - it was a sign of just how much this band liked to make music that people could hum and dance to, and didn't care for the "counterculture",  the soon-to-be Woodstock Nation, and other touchstones of late-'60s credibility; it might have been a sign that this band was never going to get with it, as far as rock credibility in the late '60s, but heard today, the "Swingy" jingle seems poignantly innocent and honest, as well as being a catchy little song. The sound is, as usual for Sundazed, impeccable. 
by Bruce Eder

1. Mr Sun, Mr Moon - 2:48
2. Money, You Can't Buy Me - 3:37
3. Time After Time (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 4:19
4. Ride On My Shoulder - 2:52
5. Without You (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 4:51
6. Trishalana - 2:47
7. Out On That Road (Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay) - 3:40
8. Hard And Heavy 5 String Soul Band (Freddy Weller) - 3:19
9. Where You Goin' Girl (Freddy Weller) - 2:43
10.Cinderella Sunshine - 4:19
11.Call On Me (Joe Correro, Mark Lindsay) - 3:11
12.Do Unto Others (Single Version) (Terry Melcher, Mark Lindsay) - 2:13
13.Cinderella Sunshine (Single Version) - 2:00
14.Theme From It's Happening (Vocal Version) - 2:42
15.Judge GTO Breakaway (Original Version) (K. Allison, M. Lindsay) - 2:46
Allsongs by Mark Lindsay unless as else stated

The Raiders
*Keith Allison - Acoustic, Electric and 12 String Guitar, Piano, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Vox Organ
*Joe Correro - Drums, Maracas, Tambourine, Triangle, Vocals, Background Vocals, Whistle (Instrument), Cowbell, African Drums
*Mark Lindsay - Trumpet, Arranger, Clavichord, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Alto, Baritone and Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Tack Piano
*Paul Revere - Hammond Organ, Electric Piano, Celeste, Background Vocals, Vox Organ, Tack Piano
*Freddy Weller - Acoustic, Electric, 12 String and Bottleneck Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Paul Revere And The Raiders
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1967  A Christmas Present... And Past
1969  Alias Pink Puzz (Sundazed remaster)
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