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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zoo - I Shall Be Free (1970 france, exciting jazzy progressive, brass psych rock, 2011 ARF issue)

The band was formed in 1968. The first self-titled jazz-rock album the band released in 1969: starting work in the studio on April 16, 2 days recorded 8 songs included in the album. In November of the same year, the band took part in the festival in Amougies (a place in the Belgian Walloon region), along with Pink Floyd, Colosseum, The Nice, East of Eden, Frank Zappa, etc. In 1970, before the release of their second album due to musical differences Joël Daydé left the band and Pierre Fanen, singer comes to the place of Englishman Ian Bellamy. 

The second album is recorded from June 12 to September 9, 1970, and later getting an opportunity to unwind in the two largest radio stations in New York - WOR-FM and WABC-FM. After the release of quite a successful Review third album, distributed in the UK and the U.S., because of the lack of international success of the group ceased all activity in October 1972.

Andre and Michel Herve later started the band ZOU (Zon Orchestra Unlimited) with their brothers Joel and Stephan. The violinist trombone player, Michel Ripoche, later issued two solo albums.  In 2009, Michel Hervé, along with the first staff member Joël Daydé and several new musicians reformed the band played a concert that was recorded as Live Tour Épisode 1: album live du groupe Zoo Tribute Original.
by Adamus67  

1. City Breakdown (Iain Ballamy, Andre Herve) - 3:50
2. New Violins (Michel Bonnecarrere) - 3:35
3. Benjamin Sacramouse's Dream (Iain Ballamy, Andre Herve) - 3:28
4. Runaround Lucy (Iain Ballamy, Michel Bonnecarrere) - 3:49
5. Plaistown Place (Iain Ballamy, Michel Bonnecarrere) - 3:15
6. I Go Out Of My Mind (Iain Ballamy, Michel Bonnecarrere) - 4:00
7. I Shall Be Free (Iain Ballamy, Andre Herve) - 3:44
8. Luckie (Laura Nyro) - 2:37
9. Endless Words (Iain Ballamy, Andre Herve) - 4:41
10.Maggie Mae's Daughter (Iain Ballamy, Daniel Carlet) - 2:42

The Zoo
Iain Ballamy - Vocals
Michel Bonnecarrere - Guitar
Daniel Carlet - Saxophone, Violin
Christian Devaux - Drums
Andre Herve - Keyboards
Michel Herve - Bass
Michel Ripoche - Saxophone, Violin

1969  Zoo - Zoo (1st album)

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