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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ellison - Ellison (1971 canada, superb heavy psych rock pre stoner, Gear Fab issue)

Ellison formed in Montreal in late 1967. Vincent Marandola and his childhood friend Richard Arcand, formed a trio named "Jimmy Peace". In 1969, they replaced the original drummer with Robert Cager and added Christian Tremblay as a second guitar, and thus "Ellison" was officially formed. 

The band started playing quite frequently in and around Montreal, and actually played a few other gigs in Quebec. They were managed by Jean-Claude Brosseau. They recorded their one and only UP in 1971. which was produced by Alexandra Dumas and Yves Hamel and originally released on Trans-World Records. 

There exists very little information with regards as to how well or poorly the record sold. In addition, the actual number of LPs pressed still remains a mystery. Ellison broke up in 1973 and I have lost contact with all the members over the years. Richard Arcand passed away in 1997 and I now reside in Sainte-Dorothee, Quebec.
by Vincent Marandola, Montreal. Canada, January 2000

1. Unchanged World (V Marandola, R. Arcand) - 3 36:
2. Seal A Beam Bow (V. Marandola) - 4:26
3. Satanic (V. Marandola, R. Arcand) - 2:02
4. Winter Slutch (V. Marandola) - 4:06
5. Strawberry Pain (V Marandola, R. Arcand) - 5:23
6. Untruth Story (V. Marandola) - 3:17
7. Freedom (V. Marandola) - 3:36

*Vincent Marandola - Vocals and Guitar
*Robert Cager  - Drums
*Richard Arcand - Bass Guitar
*Christian Tremblay - Electric,  Acoustic Guitar
*Marie-Claire, Richard Seguin - Vocals

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