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Friday, August 10, 2012

Various Artists - Essential Pebbles Vol. 2 (60's us, fantastic garage beat gems, double disc set)

With 28 volumes in their vinyl version of the series and another 23 volumes in the companion High in the Mid-Sixties series (not to mention its ten-volume Rough Diamonds set), to put it all out on compact disc would have been perhaps a bit much, even for the most perversely dedicated of fuzz fanatics. What Bomp has opted for instead is to cherry-pick the absolutely most-requested tracks from the original volumes, then pad it out with a similar number of super-obscure and ultra-rare bonus tracks. 

Highlights include the Rogues' "How Many Times," Neal Ford & the Fanatics' "Shame on You," Jaybees' "I'm a Loner," the Baker Street Irregulars doing a great version of the Yardbirds' version of "I'm a Man," the Original Sinners' "You'll Never Know," the Fading Tribesmen's "More Feathers," the Vistas' "Don't Know" and Ye Court Jesters' "But I Still Love Her." If fuzz-toned guitars, Farfisa organs and lots of tambourine is what floats your boat, then this is the compilation you've been waiting all your life for. 
by Michael "Cub" Koda

Artists - Tracks
Disc 1
1. Rogues - How Many Times - 2:24
2. Neal Ford And the Fanatics - Shame on You - 2:13
3. Jelly Bean Bandits - Generation - 2:58
4. Sonny Flaherty And Mark V - Hey Conductor - 2:30
5. Denims - I'm Your Man - 2:22
6. Evil Encorporated - Hey You - 2:08
7. Ravin' Blue - It's Not Real - 2:29
8. Jaybees - I'm a Loner - 2:20
9. Spirit - Man Enough for You - 3:06
10. Wig Wags - On My Way Down the Road - 2:16
11. Four Fifths - If You Still Want Me - 2:07
12. Soul Survivors - Shakin' with Linda - 2:56
13. Magic Plants - I'm a Nothing - 2:43
14. Live Wires - Love - 3:21
15. Inmates - More Than I Have - 2:34
16. Sinners - Nice Try - 2:13
17. Cole And the Embers - Hey Girl - 2:25
18. Kama Del Sutra - She Taught Me Love - 2:17
19. Sweet Acids - That Creature - 3:01
20. Evil Encorporated - The Point Is - 2:34
21. Danny's Reasons - Triangles - 2:10
22. Baker St. Irregulars - I'm a Man - 4:47
23. Dee And Tee - Something's Comin' - 2:25
24. Yo Yo's - Crack in My Wall - 2:56
25. Original Sinners - You'll Never Know - 2:33
26. Les Lutins - Laissez-Nous Vivre - 3:23

Disc 2
1. Purple Haze - Shades of Blue - 2:18
2. Dawn 5 - Mike's Bag - 1:42
3. Denny Noie And the Catalinas - It Ain't a Big Thing - 2:20
4. Fading Tribesman - More Feathers - 2:22
5. Lost Souls - It's Not Fair - 2:06
6. Spirits Of Oxford - But You're Gone - 2:42
7. Vistas - Don't Know - 2:34
8. Chimes - #38 - 2:28
9. D.C. Drifters - Louisiana Blues - 3:23
10. Dean Kohler - Gooseberry Pie - 2:52
11. Children - I Can Feel It - 2:29
12. Why Four - Hard Life - 2:07
13. Why Four - Not Fade Away - 2:13
14. Doo And the Diddits - I'm a Man - 2:51
15. Night Watch - The Good's Gone - 2:18
16. Night Watch - Shake - 2:12
17. Rick And the Rivals - Stricken by You - 2:34
18. Sinders - Get Out of My Life - 1:34
19. Abstracts - Always Always - 2:10
20. Crying Shame - Come on Back - 2:37
21. Berries - Baby Won't You Follow Me Down - 2:34
22. Outcasts - I Wanted You - 1:59
23. Lunduns - It's Gonna Be Alright - 3:31
24. Ye Court Jesters - But I Still Love Her - 2:08
25. Checkmates - Eyes on You Baby - 2:18
26. Inner Prism - Bad Seed - 2:49
27. Classics 5 - Wine, Wine, Wine - 2:12
28. Inn Crowd - Gotta Find a Girl - 2:14
29. Lawson And Four More - If You Want Me - 2:42

More Pebbles
Essential Pebbles Vol. 3

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Wailers - Wailers Wailers Everywhere / Out Of Our Tree (1964-65 us, awesome garage beat)

August of 1964: the Fab Four are tearing it up on their first American tour, and one of the first stops is in the Pacific Northwest, where they are due to play the Seattle Center Coliseum to a typically riotous response. During a lull in the press conference prior to the show, George Harrison takes KJR dee jay Pat O'Day aside to politely enquire, "are those blokes the Wailers still around?"

Those blokes the Wailers were indeed still around, though since the onslaught of the Beatle-led British Invasion the Tacoma combos cachet had been dimmed somewhat, in record terms at least. The six year old Wailers had enjoyed a run of classic, timeless rock'n'roll singles such as Tall Cool One and Louie Louie, records that were both commercially successful and wielded considerable influence, and had additionally issued three long players, including one album - 1961s The Fabulous Wailers At The Castle that single-handedly established the benchmark for rock in the Northwest.

But like so many established American bands of that era, the Wailers confidence began to wither in the face of the ostensible glamour of their overseas cousins. So the band hit back with a fine collection of mostly self-penned British flavoured numbers, with hitherto emphasis on harmony vocals, thanks to multi-talented recent addition Ron Gardner. Released at the beginning of 1965, Wailers Wailers Everywhere is often overlooked by Wailers fans but it's a strong album and a lot better than most American attempts at Merseybeat. Of particular note is a storming take on Ya Ya, with tremendous playing from guitar god Rich Dangel.

Ironically, Dangel and original drummer Mike Burk soon tired of the bands Anglophile direction, and by the summer of 1965 both had quit the band. With the arrival of replacements, Neil Andersson on guitar and Dave Roland on drums, a new and exciting Wailers began making the scene up and down the West Coast, purveying a raucous garage-flavoured rock that owed some debt to the influence of the Wailers protoges the Sonics. Wailers' members and Etiquette label honchos Buck Ormsby and Kent Morrill wisely harnessed the youthful energy of their new line-up in the studio to produce the Out Of Our Tree album in late 1965, with the raucous, punchy single of the same name that preceded it constituting perhaps the combos finest moment on vinyl. Compared to the politely recorded "Everywhere", "Tree" was crude and deliciously distorted but remained undeniably in the Wailers tradition of stomping bring-down-the-house rock. And with punky originals like Gardener's snotty Hang Up, the masters could still teach the apprentices a thing or two.

This is the first time these classic Northwest 1960s albums have appeared on compact disc, and in common with the rest of our Etiquette series, the loaded 2-on-1 package feature great sound, rare pix and extensive notes, not to mention a handful of non-LP bonus cuts (including a classy Brian Wilson knock-off, All My Nights, All My Days). And this is not our last wail with the Fabulous Wailers, either- watch this space.
by Alec Palao 

Wailers Wailers Everywhere 1964
1. You Better Believe It (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.14
2. Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman) - 1.58
3. The Wailer (Rich Dangel) - 2.21
4. Tomorrow's Another Day (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 3.02
5. Just A Little Bit Louder (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.41
6. Hold Back The Dawn (Kent Morrill) - 2.04
7. Tears (Version I) (Rich Dangel, Kent Morrill) - 2.24
8. Since You Been Cone (Version 2) (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.13
9. How Do You Feel (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.17
10.I Think Of You (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.27
11.Dont Take It So Hard (Rich Dangel, Kent Morrill) - 2.12
12.Ya Ya (Lee Dorsey, Morgan Robinson, Clarence Lewis) - 2.25
13.You Weren't Usinc Your Head (Version I) (Ron Gardner) - 2.12
14.Back To You (Rich Dangel, Kent Morrill) - 2.13
15.Hang Up (Version 1) (Ron Gardner) - 1:16
16.Livewire (Rich Dangel, Kent Morrill) - 2.14
17.All My Nights, All My Days (Ron Gardner) - 3.05

Out Of Our Tree 1965
18.Out Of Our Tree (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill, Neil Anderson) - 3.29
19.Mercy Mercy (Dog Covay, Ron Miller) - 2.46
20.Hang On Sloopy (Bert Russell, Wess Farell) - 3.33
21.I'm Down (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) - 2.27
22.Unchained Melody (Alex North, Hy Zaret) - 4.40
23.Baby Dont You Do It (E. Holland, L. Dozier, B. Holland) - 3.58
24.Dirty Robber (Version 4) (Rich Dangel, John Greek, Kent Morrill) - 2.36
25.I've Got Me (Rich Dangel, John Ormsby, Kent Morrill) - 2.05
26.Summertime (George Gershwin, DuBose Heyward, Ira Gershwin) - 5.04
27.Little Sister (Hank Ballard) - 1.57
28.Hang Up (Version 2) (Rich Dangel) - 2.24
29.Bama Lama Bama Loo (Richard Penniman) - 2.25

The Wailers
*Rich Dangel - Lead Guitar
*Buck Ormsby - Bass, Vocals
*Mike Burk - Drums, Vocals
*Kent Morrill - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
*Ron Gardner - Tenor Sax, Vocals

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