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Monday, September 18, 2017

Magna Carta - In Concert (1971 uk, peerless folk silky rock, 2014 remaster)

One of the six Magna Carta albums that went gold in Europe, In Concert was recorded live in Amsterdam in 1971, and remains one of the most atmospheric concert recordings of its age. A wonderful venue (the Concertgebouw), an appreciative audience, and a genuinely intimate selection of songs result in performances that cannot even be compared to their studio counterparts.

They're not better, they're not worse, they're just delightfully different, spun with a spontaneity and warmth that truly place the listener stage center. "Airport Song" opens the proceedings, of course, but the band was preaching to the converted that night -- every song is received as a conquering hero, and the band responds with equal generosity. 

A playful "Banjo Man," a haunting "Seven O'Clock Hymn," an eerie "Ring of Stones" -- every track is a highlight, while the newly arrived Davey Johnstone, making his recorded debut with the band, shines so brightly that it's hard to believe he was still unknown at the time. 
by Dave Thompson

1. Introduction - 0:51
2. Airport Song - 3:39
3. Speech - 0:39
4. Time For The Leaving - 4:25
5. Speech - 0:26
6. The Boatman (Davey Johnstone) - 3:10
7. Speech - 1:07
8. Sea And Sand - 4:19
9. Speech - 0:39
10.Banjo (Traditional) - 4:36
11.Speech - 1:02
12.Old John Parker - 2:49
13.Speech - 0:47
14.Seven O´Clock Hyme Midwinter - 12:51
15.Speech - 0:41
16.Country Jam (Chris Simpson, Guy Stuart, Davey Johnstone) - 1:48
17.Speech - 0:21
18.Ring Of Stones - 5:42
All songs written by Chris Simpson except where indicated

Magna Carta
*Chris Simpson - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Glen Stuart - Vocals, Glockenspiel, Harmonium
*Davey Johnstone - Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Mandoline, Sitar, Banjo, Vocals

1969  Magna Carta / Times Of Change
1969-2006  Tomorrow Never Comes-The Anthology (2007 double disc remaster)

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