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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rare Earth - Back To Earth / Rare Earth (1975/77 us, marvellous jazzy soul funky rock, 2006 remaster)

An altogether more pleasurable experience than their previous recording sesions, "Back To Earth" restored the group to the chart, its #59placing their best in three years. Singles wise the group found the going a little more difficult, with "It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long)" bein written by new recruits Gabriel Katona and Paul Warren and bubblingunder at #106. 

With Motown shutting down the Rare Eartyh label following the release of "Midnight Lady" the group left the company. They weren't without a home for long, for long time champion Barney Ales had set up the Prodigal label, featuring an eclectic mix of artists and offered Rare Earth a new contract. Several of the Old group members joined up for the ride too, with Rare Earth at this point featuring Gil Bridges, Mike Urso, Pete Rivera and Ed Guzman along with newer recruita Ron Fransen (keyboards) and Danile Ferguson (Guitar).

Cal Harris and James Anthonh Carmaichael handled production, and whilst the resulting Rare Earth album was hardle a shattering succes, at least charting (albeit at #187) proved that they still had an audience.
from Motown Encyclopedia

Back To Earth 1975
1. It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long) (Gabriel Katona, Paul Warren) - 4:08
2. Walking Schtick (Gabriel Katona) - 4:14
3. Keeping Me Out Of The Storm (Johnny Stevenson, Paul Warren) - 5:22
4. Delta Melody (Doug Duffey) - 4:59
5. Happy Song (Doug Duffey) - 4:54
6. Let Me Be Your Sunshine (Gabriel Katona, Paul Warren) - 2:51
7. Boogie With Me Children (Jerry Lacroix) - 3:26
8. City Life (Dennis Provisor) - 4:56
Rare Earth 1977
9. Love Has Lifted Me (Michael Sutton, Brenda Sutton) - 3:52
10.Is Your Teacher Cool? (Anna Gaye, Elgie Stover, Jerry Knight, Terrance Harrison) - 5:12
11.Foot Loose And Fancy Free (Anna Gaye, Elgie Stover, Michael Torrance, Terrance Harrison) - 4:10
12.When I Write (Peter Hoorelbeke, Tom Baird) - 4:20
13.Share My Love (Gloria Jones, Janie Bradford) - 4:28
14.Tin Can People (Beverly Gardner, Gloria Jones) - 3:43
15.I Really Love You (Allen Story, Anna Story, Berry Gordy) - 4:59
16.Crazy Love (Peter Hoorelbeke, Ron Fransen) - 3:29
17.Ah Dunno (Michael Urso, Peter Hoorelbeke, Ron Fransen) - 2:06

Rare Earth
*Eddie Guzman - Congas, Percussion
*Gil Bridges - Flute, Alto Saxophone, Backing Vocals
*Jerry La Croix - Lead Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Flute (Tracks 1-8)
*Ray Monette - Guitar (Tracks 1-8)
*Paul Warren - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Tracks 1-8)
*Gabriel Katona - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (Tracks 1-8)
*Reggie McBride - Bass, Backing Vocals (Tracks 1-8)
*Barry Frost - Drums, Percussion (Tracks 1-8)
*Michael Urso - Bass, Backing Vocals (Tracks 9-17)
*Daniel Ferguson - Guitar (Tracks 9-17)
*Ron Fransen - Keyboards (Tracks 9-17)
*Peter Hoorelbeke - Lead Vocals, Drums (Tracks 9-17)

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