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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Prentice And Tuttle - Prentice And Tuttle (1971 us, acoustic bluesy folk, 2011 korean edition)

First record from this duo, recorded while they were still in high-school.  This two young Boston based folk duo released this strong rural inspired beautiful folk album. The album is nowhere near as well known as the slightly more produced "Every Loving Day", but it will appeal to the same people, and just may well be a better album. 

It’s a distinctive and well-written collection of 14 short songs, starkly arranged in the best tradition of 1962 Greenwich Village (they even cover a Fred Neil song) and with an old-timer kind of world-weary feel. Some pianos and acoustic 12-string guitars give the album some variety despite the simple arrangements. This is not “pretty” folk, but it is melodic nonetheless. It doesn’t get much more “real” than this album. Highly recommended to any fan of folk/loner folk.
Acid Archives

1. Drink Away Your Blues - 2:25
2. Lisa - 3:25
3. Don`t Make Promises (Tim Hardin) - 2:40
4. Nothing To Say (Stephen Tuttle) - 3:14
5. Chase It Away (Steve Prentice) - 1:45
6. Hello Hobo - 2:28
7. Granny`s Bacon - 3:27
8. You Couldn`t Tell (Stephen Tuttle) - 3:09
9. Mr. Sandman - 2:32
10.Don`t Cry For Me (Stephen Tuttle) - 2:27
11.A Friend - 2:25
12.I Go Crazy - 1:59
13.Only Good Nights - 2:46
14.Don`t Go To Sleep Maria - 0:41
Music and Words by Stephen Tuttle, Steve Prentice excpet where stated

*Stephen Tuttle - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
*Steve Prentice - Six, Twelve String Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals
*David Cain - Bass
*John Gerbron - Drums
*Andy Robinson - Piano

1972  Prentice And Tuttle ‎- Every Loving Day 

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