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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bull - This Is Bull (1970 us, strong funky psych, 2012 Relics issue)

In late summer of 1967, my friend Earl Hooker in San Francisco introduced me to Barry at a club. At the time Earl was teaching Barry how to play guitar, and fie was amazingly competent for playing for such a short period.

In the years to follow, Barry and I would run into each other at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco and the Apollo 11 in Chicago. Then on January 2, 1970 our paths crossed again; he was using the name 'Bull' at the time. Bull came backstage and we rapped about guitar playing and how he had been playing for 3l/2 years.

He impressed me with his intense feeling for the guitar and his quick fingering. He had 'soul', and I thought his talent should be given a chance. I introduced him to my manager, Sid Seidenberg, who then listened to him. He heard not only this intense driving guitar player, but a fantastic voice to go along with it. Live performances were set up and a great overall showman was seen by us all.

I have seen many, many performers over the years and I have to say that Bull shows the potential to be one of America's greatest. As we now share the talents of my good friend and great manager, Sid Seidenberg.
by B.B. King, October 1970

1. Don't Cry My Lady (Jerry Friedman) - 2:51
2. Let It Shine (Jerry Friedman) - 3:00
3. Freedom (Jerry Friedman, Theresa Lindsay) - 2:35
4. Feelin' Pretty Good (Barry Gordon) - 5:09
5. Lovin Man (Andy Muson, Paul Sylvan, Jerry Friedman) - 2:55
6. Groovin (Jerry Friedman, Barry Gordon) - 3:47
7. How Do Losers Say Goodbye (Jerry Friedman, Theresa Lindsay) - 3:48
8. (Do You Have) Something To Say (Joe Lala, Micheal Pinera) - 2:19
9. Everybody Wanna Do (Barry Gordon, Buddy Sklar) - 3:49

*Barry "Bull" Gordon - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
*Jerry Friedman - Guitar, Piano, Organ
*Andy Muson - Bass
*Paul Griffin - Organ, Piano
*Herb Lovelle - Drums
*Carl H. Carldwell, Hilda Harris, Eileen Gilbert, Tasha Thomas - Vocals

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