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Friday, October 6, 2023

Influence - Influence (1968 canada, awesome psych rock, 2010 remaster)

The Influence was one of the most fascinating bands to emerge from Canada during the ‘60s. The group’s rich diversity of styles was a result of the group members’ wide range of musical backgrounds and geographical origins.

Formed in late May, the quartet, named The Influence, immediately made its presence felt and became regulars at Montreal’s Barrel during the summer of 1967. In June, Rossi and Island returned to Montreal and, after catching the band’s set, joined the line-up. The new line-up became more musically adventurous, adopting a style that was influenced by jazz musicians Sonny Murray and Archie Shepp, and with Island adding a second lead voice. After tightening up their act, The Influence moved to Toronto and became a regular sight at Boris’ Red Gas Room throughout September-December.

1. Overture (Louis McKelvey, Rob Parkin, Walter Rossi) - 1:15
2. I Admire (Louis McKelvey) - 3:14
3. I Don't Know Why (Rob Parkin, Walter Rossi) - 4:11
4. County Fair (Rob Parkin) - 4:02
5. Pieces Of Me (Louis McKelvey) - 2:42
6. Baby That's My Bag (Rob Parkin) - 2:48
7. Sir Archibald (Louis McKelvey) - 3:23
8. We Are Here (Louis McKelvey) - 3:39
9. Natural Impulse (Andy Keiller) - 3:16
10.Dream Woman (Rob Parkin) - 3:40
11.Mad Birds Of Prey (A Mini Opera) (Louis McKelvey, Rob Parkin) - 5:53

*Louis McKelvey - Guitar, Vocals
*Andy Keiller - Vocals
*Dave Wynne - Drums
*Jack Geisinger - Bass, Vocals
*Walter Rossi - Guitar, Vocals
*Rob Parkin “Bobo Island” - Keyboards, Vocals

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