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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Morgen - Morgen (1969 us, superb heavy fuzz psych, 2013 remaster and expanded)

Morgen was a hard rock/psych band that hailed from Long Island, NY.  They were fronted by guitarist/vocalist/wild man Steve Morgen but also included drummer Bob Maiman and guitarists Barry Stock and Rennie Genossa.  In 1969, record label Probe (ABC) released the group’s sole offering.

The album’s best known track is the classic “Welcome To The Void.”  40+ years later this cut’s over the top acid guitar work and pounding drums still shred the best of speakers.  Certainly a unique mixture of acid garage and hard rock, “Welcome To The Void” is essential listening.  There are other great cuts to be found on Morgen, like the stealth rocker “Purple” and the freaky fuzz corker ”Of Dreams.”  “Eternity In Between,” probably influenced by the Who, is another excellent track that begins with ringing guitars and crashing drums.  This 5 minute song is nearly ruined by a two and a half minute drum solo.

Steve Morgen’s sexually charged lyrics and over the top vocals will irritate some listeners but that’s really a minor complaint as most of Morgen is full of great fuzz guitar solos and solid songs.  No beads or flowers for these guys, Morgen is straight up brooding hard rock psych.  A mini gem of a record that will reward patient listeners.
by Jason Nardelli

1. Welcome To The Void - 4:46
2. Of Dreams - 5:37
3. Begging Your Pardon (Miss Joan) - 4:47
4. Eternity In Between - 5:06
5. Purple - 4:11
6. She’s The Nitetime - 3:29
7. Love - 10:53
8. Of Dreams (45 Version) - 3:24
9. She’s The Nitetime (45 Version) - 3:27
10.Street Walker - 3:39
11.Lady - 4:06
12.Too Many Americas - 5:47
13.Don’t You Tell Me - 5:52
14.Maryjane - 2:59
15.Alpha Omega - 5:01
All songs by Steve Morgen

*Steve Morgen - Vocals, Guitar
*Rennie Genossa - Bass
*Bob Maiman - Drums
*Barry Stock - Rhythm Guitar