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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tim Hardin - The Millennium Collection (1966-68 us, outstanding folk psych, 2002 issue)

Hardin's best-known compositions -- "If I Were a Carpenter," "Reason to Believe," and "Lady Came From Baltimore" -- are all included. Hardin recorded for Verve Records, now part of the Universal catalog, in the 1960s, and seven tracks are drawn from his debut album, Tim Hardin/1, plus four from Tim Hardin/2 and one from the concert album Tim Hardin/3. 

There is nothing at all from Tim Hardin/4, an album of cover material, or from Hardin's later albums on Columbia and Antilles. The economics of song publishing probably limit albums in the series to 12 tracks, and in this case, since Hardin's recordings tend to be brief, that results in a running time of less than half an hour, which is skimpy for a CD, even a lower-priced one. But the collection presents the popular highlights of Hardin's career as a songwriter and gives a sense of him as a performer. 
by William Ruhlmann

1. Don't Make Promises - 2:27
2. Green Rocky Road - 2:19
3. Reason To Believe - 2:00
4. Smugglin' Man - 1:58
5. Misty Roses - 2:00
6. How Can We Hang On To A Dream - 2:04
7. It'll Never Happen Again - 2:37
8. If I Were A Carpenter - 2:44
9. Red Balloon - 2:36
10.Black Sheep Boy - 1:56
11.Lady Came From Baltimore - 1:51
12.You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie (Live) - 4:18
Words and Music by Tim Hardin

*Tim Hardin - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
*Gary Burton - Vibraphone
*Bob Bushnell - Bass
*Earl Palmer - Drums
*Buddy Salzman - Drums
*Jon Wilcox - Drums
*John Sebastian - Harmonica
*Phil Kraus - Background Vocals
*Walter Yost - Bass
*Artie Butler - String Arrangements
*Eddie Gómez - Bass
*Warren Bernhardt - Piano, Clavinet
*Daniel Hankin - Guitar
*Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone
*Donald McDonald - Drums

1969-70  Tim Hardin - Suite For Susan Moore / Bird On The Wire
1972  Tim Hardin - Painted Head (2007 japan remaster)

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