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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bosom Blues Band - The Overgone Sounds of the Bosom Blues Band (1968 us, fantastic blues rock psych, 2008 Arcania Vinyl issue)

An obscure late 60s band out of Richmond, VA that evolved from an R'n'B ensemble called the Soothsayers. In 1967 the Bosom Blues Band entered a local studio and recorded several demos and finally an album's worth of material,  including the outstanding blues rocker 'Hippie Queen'. 

The song was inspired by the true story about a girl named Joan from Richmond, VA who traveled to England in an attempt to meet The Beatles. She ended up sneaking onto the grounds of John Lennon's estate and knocked on the door of his house, which was answered by Lennon himself who invited her in. She ended up getting pictures taken of herself with the Fab Four, including one of George Harrison kissing her on the cheek. This made her a local legend and "hippie queen" throughout the Richmond area.

The following year the band auditioned for Vanguard Records, but the deal came to naught. And by 1969 the Bosom Blues band were no more, with their sole LP unheard until Arcania International included their song Hippie Queen on Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Vol. 3. Now the entire ouvre of this remarkable group is available once again -- in the format it was meant to be heard in, glorious vinyl.

1. Leavin' Trunk (John Estes) - 4:45
2. Milk Cow's Calf Blues (R. Johnson) - 3:25
3. Messin' With The Kid (Mel London) - 3:03
4. Divin' Duck (John Estes) - 2:48
5. You Don't Love Me Baby (Sam Maghett) - 3:25
6. Hippie Queen (Larry McCullogh) - 4:09
7. Knock On Wood (E. Floyd, S. Cropper) - 3:53
8. Walk Tall (Josef Zawinul, Esther Marrow, James Rein) -  8:48

Bosom Blues Band
*Larry McCullough - Vocals, Lead Guitar
*Allen Gay - Rhythm Guitar
*Harold Grigg - Bass
*Lynn Abbott - Drums
*Ed - Sax

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